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Overview of methanol market in various regions across the country after the festival

Southwest China: the two methanol plants of Sichuan Vinylon plant and Sichuan Jiangyou, which originally implemented the maintenance and capacity expansion plan in May, were delayed for some reasons, which alleviated the tension of market supply to a certain extent. However, the 15 day long 45000 ton/year methanol plant of Lutianhua plans to start shutdown and maintenance on May 8, coupled with the reduction of methanol production of the combined methanol plant, As well as the high load operation of downstream formaldehyde and acetic acid production, users' purchase enthusiasm is high, which makes the spot supply in the market still insufficient, and the market price is stable, which has increased after being approved. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in Southwest China is 2600 ~ 2750 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton from before the festival

Northeast China: supported by the stable ex factory prices of Harbin Gasification and Daqing methanol, coupled with the stable downstream demand, the market mentality is very stable, the transaction situation is good, and the price fluctuation is small. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in Northeast China is 2450 ~ 2650 yuan/ton, which is the same as the price before the festival

North China: methanol resources in North China are still tightening after the festival, but the price fell slightly. As the overhaul of equipment in Qian'an, Hebei has been completed and put into operation, although the output is small, it has posed a certain psychological pressure on the market. In addition, some downstream manufacturers have stopped production for some reasons, so the market supply has increased relatively, resulting in a slight decline in market prices. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in North China is 2150 ~ 2420 yuan/ton, down yuan/ton from before the festival

central China: due to the increased transportation pressure before and after the festival, and the gradual resumption of production of some repaired methanol plants, the market stock of methanol increased, and manufacturers reduced the ex factory price slightly under the background of slower shipment and increased inventory pressure. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in Central China remains at 2300 ~ 2500 yuan/ton

South China: due to the small arrival of domestic methanol and the small stock of imported methanol due to low transactions, the market supply and demand pattern is relatively stable with the recovery of downstream demand. Traders have a good mentality and their quotations remain stable. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in South China is 262. It is reported that 0-2750 yuan/ton; It is equivalent to the level before the festival

East China: as the domestic market sales are relatively smooth, there are few transactions of imported methanol, and the downstream demand remains strong, the market supply side is still tight. As the energy price continues to support the transportation cost of methanol, coupled with the smooth shipment of traders and the low inventory, the market price remains in a narrow range. At present, the mainstream price of methanol in East China is yuan/ton, which is basically equivalent to that before the festival

external market: Although the contract price of methanol market in North America stabilized at 95 cents/gallon in May, the spot price of methanol market in the United States fell by cents to cents/gallon (equivalent to USD/ton, FOB price in the Gulf of the United States). Affected by the decrease in transactions, the price of methanol in Asia fell slightly by USD/ton. The CIF price of methanol in Southeast Asia is 290-295 US dollars/ton; The CIF price of methanol in Korea is US dollars/ton; The CIF price of methanol in Taiwan is US dollars/ton; India methanol USD/ton (West Coast price of India); The CIF price of methanol imported from China is US dollars/ton

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