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Lu'an hyat10*2*0.6 oil filled city communication cable package inspection

Lu'an hyat10*2*0.6 oil filled city communication cable package inspection

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Product Brand Xinlong power cable group product model Qi Quansheng City Langfang City shipment City Langfang city total supply 100000 minimum order 2 product unit price 0 1 unit of measurement one meter product details

Lu'an hyat10*2*0.6 oil filled municipal communication cable cable package detection

1 X - indicates the conventional cable model if there is still doubt. 2. The representation method of special cable model is to add the representation symbol of special cable before the conventional cable model. Naming principles and cases: the complete naming of wires and cables is usually complex, so people sometimes use a simple name (usually the name of a category) combined with the model and specification to replace the complete name, for example, "low voltage cable" represents all plastic insulated power cables of 0.6/1kv grade. The type spectrum of wires and cables is relatively perfect. It can be said that as long as the standard models and specifications of wires and cables are written, the specific products can be defined, but what is its complete name? The names are basically in the above order. Sometimes, in order to emphasize important or additional features, the features are written in front of the corresponding structure description. The wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (buses), power cables (plastic cables, oil paper power cables (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sheathed cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cables (replacing some buses), electromagnetic wires, and electrical equipment wires and cables for power equipment. The installed capacity of dielectric loss tester and Jiangsu Tianwan nuclear power station only accounts for 1.3% of the total installed capacity of the country. There is a lot of room for China's nuclear power development. " Xulianyi, director of the nuclear power office of the China Machinery Industry Federation, hinted. The main activities planned include watching and participating in national songs and dances, whether the nation is pressed for sports activities, and tasting ethnic and local flavor restaurants. Nuclear power construction has attracted much attention, and after the introduction of the 4trillion yuan investment plan under the financial setting, we learned that the construction of a small-scale, original ethnic culture and customs that tourists failed to experience. The Fangjiashan project, the Yangjiang nuclear power project and expansion project in Guangdong with a total investment of 95.5 billion yuan, prohibits construction land (three types of land): the terrain gradient of the rest is>; 20%, with an elevation of more than 400 meters, and the terrain around the Baihua reservoir and the whole Baihua water system is flat, and the construction period at the end of the year is close. These two nuclear power stations and the Fuqing nuclear power station just started

the wires and cables used in the information transmission system mainly include local telephone cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, optical fiber cables, data anti rust cables, electromagnetic cables, power communication or other composite cables. This part is applied to almost all products except overhead bare wires, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic cables, data cables, instrument cables, etc. The main characteristics of this kind of products are: pure conductor metal, without insulation and sheath, such as steel cored aluminum stranded wire, copper aluminum busbar, electric locomotive line, etc; The processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, calendering, drawing, stranding/tight pressing stranding, etc; The products are mainly used in suburbs, rural areas, user mainlines, switchgear, etc. The main features of this kind of products are: extruding (winding) the insulating layer outside the conductor, such as overhead insulated cable, or several cores stranded (corresponding to the phase line, zero line and ground wire of the power system), such as overhead insulated cable with more than two cores, or adding a sheath layer, such as plastic/rubber sheathed wire and cable. The main process technologies include drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cabling, armor, sheath extrusion, etc

kept as data; Select "read disk" to call up the waveform in the disk during the previous test; Select "end" to exit the control panel. "Test help": click this menu to display the operation manual of the test management system, which can be printed out. Status bar status bar displays four aspects of information, Zui left is the test method; The second is the radio wave speed corresponding to the selected cable medium (if the speed is measured, the medium information is not displayed). The third is the fault distance (or cable length), and the test date is displayed on the right. Graphic display area the graphic display area is used to display the waveform obtained by sampling, analyze the waveform, process and display the processing results when designing the plastic mold. Function keypad function keypad is composed of 14 keys, which can be divided into three categories. Initialization data: including test method and media selection. Test method: there are two options, "test fault" and "test speed". There are three basic test methods, "low voltage pulse", "impulse flash" and "direct flash"

the tension must be uniform in the process of conductor stranding. The purpose is to ensure that the cable will not be broken due to uneven stress of monofilament or strand due to uneven conductor elongation or uneven tension during stranding. For monofilament, its production equipment * * * is produced by the multi head wire drawing machine produced by nihov company, which can ensure that the electrical performance of each monofilament is basically the same, and its mechanical performance is also the same. When the power core and control core of the shearer cable are formed, unvulcanized rubber filler strips need to be added to ensure that the rubber strips are fully filled in the middle of the cable core when extruding the sheath, so as to reduce the sliding between the cables during frequent bending and stretching in the work. In order to protect the control core, the sheath needs to be extruded outside the control core. When the power core and the control core form a cable, it can be designed as a four core cable structure to ensure the stability of the overall structural performance of the cable; The working environment of shearer cable is poor. In order to prevent the cable from being crushed or cut, the sheath needs to have good tear resistance and compression resistance

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