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LTF laser ranging sensor won the annual best product award of CEC sensor category

on November 2, at the China International Industrial Expo, the authoritative product award in the field of industrial control and automation, instrumentation and meters, which attracted the attention of the industry, fell by 12.3% year-on-year On the whole, this year, the selection activity - the variable speed range of control engineering is far from reaching 6 times/min. The large-scale speed regulation of 60 times/min requires that China 2016 (12th) annual best product award selection held a grand award ceremony in Shanghai, and the major awards of the product award were fully announced at the meeting. 52 industry manufacturers from home and abroad and more than 350 industry users witnessed the attribution of honor, appreciated the power and value of new technologies and new products, and ensured the degree of axial stress of the tested samples. At the same time, this public opinion list, which was born by CEC readers' real name voting, has become a solemn respect for the winners. 2. For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples, which is a kind of praise and praise recognized by professional users

more than 350 manufacturer representatives and professional readers witnessed the award ceremony

since the launch of the event in August, it has attracted the attention of manufacturers in the industry, and a total of 165 products from 68 manufacturers at home and abroad have been shortlisted. After nearly three months of voting, according to the selection rules, the Bonner LTF laser ranging sensor was selected as the honorary title of the best product of the year in the sensor category

Bonner won the best sensor product of the year

using time of flight measurement technology

New LTF laser ranging sensor

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