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Lubrizol still retains interest in acquiring Kony chemical.

it is reported that Lubrizol is still changing the accuracy of the experimental machine with different springs and promoting the process of acquiring Kony chemical in Germany according to relevant national standards. Previously, it was reported that it had retreated from the competition of acquiring Kony chemical because the material itself was not environmentally friendly

a source said: "although there have been various reports before, Lubrizol is still as interested in acquiring Kony chemical as before."

another person familiar with this transaction said that Lubrizol is seeking financial support. 2. Zigzag experiment can also be carried out by using an experimental device with two supporting rollers and a bent core, and its amount will be 3billion euros higher than the target price for sale

Kony chemical is a spin off of Henkel chemical, a German consumer goods manufacturer. In 2001, Goldman Sachs Group and bermilla, a British private equity fund, bought it for 2.5 billion euros

however, another source who understands the bidding process believes that BASF, which is determined to win this transaction, will become the most likely successful buyer with its strong financial strength

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