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Lube oil dewaxing was shortlisted as one of the top ten scientific and technological advances of PetroChina in 2009. The results of the selection of the top ten scientific and technological advances of PetroChina in 2009 were announced recently. 10 achievements, including the industrial application of hydroisomerization dewaxing technology, which was jointly developed by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China National Petroleum Corporation to produce high-grade lubricant base oil, were shortlisted

lube base oil isomerization dewaxing catalyst and process were successfully applied in the 200000 t/a high-pressure hydrogenation unit of PetroChina Daqing Refining and chemical company in November 2008, and the unit passed the industrial operation calibration in August 2009. Industrial operation data show that compared with similar international advanced technologies, the yield of class II medium base oil is increased by 8 percentage points when the process is used to treat 200SN feed oil; When 650sn raw material is treated, the yield of class III heavy base oil is increased by 20%. In addition, the project has also developed a new product of high-grade PS white oil and a new process for producing 5cst class III base oil for 5w/40 multi-level high-grade lubricating oil. Up to now, the 200000 t/a high-pressure hydrogenation unit has processed more than 100000 tons of feed oil from the original hydraulic universal testing machine due to high working pressure, producing nearly 90000 tons of high-grade lubricating oil base oil

it is reported that the research and development of this process has taken ten years. The project team has successfully developed it. The first thing researchers need to solve is the problem that too high polyether content in PPC will lead to the loss of biodegradability of materials. Several new molecular sieve materials have made breakthroughs in industrial preparation technology. A new isomerization dewaxing catalyst pic802 with high activity and high yield of heavy base oil has been developed, and a total of 9 patents have been granted

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