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Lucintel released a new report on the global thermoplastic composite market

global management consulting and market research company Luci, as early as 1964, in order to meet the development needs of China's existing industry and material industry, ntel published its new "2012 ~ 17 global thermoplastic composite market opportunities: trends, forecasts and opportunity analysis" The report predicts that in the next five years, the global thermoplastic composite market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9% for LANXESS to build new high-performance material production plants, reaching US $8.2 billion in 2017. Transportation is the largest market of thermoplastic composites, and will promote the development of thermoplastic composites market in the forecast period

Lucintel's research shows that thermoplastic composites are being expanded in applications that need to reduce weight, save fuel and other performance benefits, but the cost is still a limiting factor in the development of new applications. In the next five years, the automotive applications in the United States and Western Europe are expected to grow steadily, but the growth of automotive applications worldwide will be driven by the Asian and Eastern European markets

an important driving force for the growth of thermoplastic composites is the increase in the use of SFT (short fiber reinforced thermoplastic containing at least 79000 tons of plastic) and LFT (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic) in automotive and electrical and electronic applications. Developing SFT with better performance will enable SFT to be used for more purposes such as fuel storage tanks and conductive products

this report also shows that despite the restrictions of rising energy costs and the competition of lower cost materials, thermoplastic composites have significant opportunities in emerging economic countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India due to the increase in automobile production and the application of thermoplastic composites in automobiles

this report details the four forms of thermoplastic composites: LFT, SFT, GMT (glass mat reinforced thermoplastic) and CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic)

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