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On August 11, the industrial interconnection and digital economy knowledge and application training conference was held in Chifeng Ruixiang Yulong state hotel. With the theme of "information driven industry, digital empowering future", this conference aims to accelerate the pace of promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the layout of 5g+ industrial interconnection industries, and promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the real economy. Suo Quanhong, deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Zhuang Guojun, deputy director of Chifeng Bureau of industry and information technology attended the meeting and delivered an opening speech. As the co organizer of this conference, Lucent attended the meeting with more than 200 experts from relevant units directly under Chifeng City, the engineering and science bureaus of all banners, counties and districts, and local companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinatelecom, Huawei,, etc., to exchange and share the application status, achievements, problems, and successful experiences in digital industry and enterprise intellectualization, and look forward to the future application prospects of 5g+ and new infrastructure. Wang Xiaojian, general manager of Shanxi Jucai Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Fang Jie, director of Lucun Suchang industrial interconnection products, were invited to give keynote speeches on "Wangcai - building an interconnection + supply chain innovation management platform for enterprises" and "Suchang industrial interconnection helps enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading", sharing Lucun's advanced technologies, concepts and outstanding business achievements in the industrial interconnection platform in recent years

Wang Xiaojian, general manager of Shanxi Jucai Information Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that in recent years, the prices of commodities and raw materials in the upstream of the supply chain have continued to rise, greatly reducing the profit space of enterprises; The demand of consumers is changing rapidly and becoming more personalized, which requires enterprises to speed up the time and speed of new product design, sourcing, procurement and listing; Supply interruption and supplier compliance risk management will affect enterprise order fulfillment, social reputation and brand value These have become the key factors restricting the sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, the issuance of the "interconnection +" bidding and procurement action plan (year) indicates that the reform of enterprise supply chain is imperative

combined with decades of experience in the implementation of overall solutions in the field of enterprise informatization, Lucent has independently developed and operated a full process electronic bidding and procurement platform - Wangcai, aiming at the business pain points of enterprise bidding and procurement, to help enterprises improve profit space, quickly respond to market demand, and realize controllable supply chain risks

at the meeting, Wang Xiaojian also made an in-depth elaboration on the advantages of Wangcai's electronic process, platform diversification, transparency and efficiency, and labor saving, which won the wide recognition of the participating enterprises and looked forward to further cooperation

Wangcai - creating an Internet + supply chain innovation management platform for enterprises (excerpt)

Fang Jie, director of Lucun Suchang industrial interconnection products, introduced Suchang industrial interconnection platform and related products one by one: Lucun Suchang industrial interconnection platform focuses on equipment management, directly attacks the pain points of equipment management in industrial enterprises, and endows equipment with "intelligence" and "ability" through equipment fault diagnosis, prediction, accurate operation and maintenance. Enterprises can monitor the operation status of equipment at any time through the platform, transfer the real function characteristics: Hourly operation data to the cloud for analysis, deeply integrate the mechanism model +ai model, predict the abnormal state of equipment in advance, unless necessary, help industrial enterprises maintain equipment efficiently and accurately, improve the work efficiency of on-site technicians, reduce costs, and reduce potential safety hazards. For industrial enterprises, Suchang industrial interconnection platform can help achieve more efficient and accurate maintenance of equipment, increase the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, enable on-site technicians to improve the work efficiency of the chemical industry sector, adhere to the adjustment of product structure as an important starting point, reduce potential safety hazards, and avoid unplanned downtime of equipment. For equipment manufacturing enterprises, the platform can reduce after-sales operation and maintenance costs, improve customer satisfaction, and accurately predict business opportunities. At the same time, the value generated by equipment data can be fed back to the production process and guide product technology improvement. He pointed out that the platform innovation adopted the equipment fault diagnosis mode combining mechanism modeling technology, big data AI modeling technology and expert diagnosis, from "seeing a doctor" to "treating a doctor", and a more closed-loop equipment management ability to escort enterprises

"Su Chang Industrial interconnection helps enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading"


Lucun experts accepted an exclusive interview with Hongshan District financial media center. It is worth mentioning that Inner Mongolia Lucun industrial interconnection team provided conference support for the whole process, and broadcast the conference live on video platforms such as Kwai and gossips. Their high-quality service not only won the unanimous praise of the organizers and the participating leaders, but also improved the brand image and corporate reputation of the company in Inner Mongolia both online and offline

highlights of the venue

Lucent Suchang industrial interconnection platform

in recent years, centering on the national strategic deployment and actively responding to the call of the new infrastructure policy, Lucent adheres to the development purpose of "making industry smarter", relying on more than 20 years of industry knowledge precipitation in the industrial field and the experience of digital transformation service of more than 1000 large customers, independently developed and created Lucent Suchang industrial interconnection platform with independent intellectual property rights. Lucun Suchang industrial interconnection platform focuses on industrial interconnection applications and services. By using IOT, industrial big data, mechanism modeling, artificial intelligence and other technologies, it helps enterprises realize digital transformation and intelligent transformation on the cloud, and provides industrial cloud platforms, cloud services and intelligent manufacturing solutions for industrial enterprises

as of April this year, Lucun Suchang industrial Internet platform has 12586 users, 358600 access devices, and a cumulative transaction volume of more than 20 billion yuan. It has accumulated fault diagnosis and fault prediction for six industries and hundreds of typical industrial equipment, more than 400 operation optimization models, 32 mainstream industrial equipment protocols supported, and built a rich ecosystem including core enterprises, equipment manufacturers, diagnostic experts, financial institutions and developers


in terms of enterprise bidding management, Wangcai, an industrial app for bidding and procurement of supply chain management based on the Lucun Suchang industrial Internet platform, belongs to the horizontal horizontal horizontal pull structure PP of general industrial a relaxation experimental machine for enterprise operation and management. It is based on the experience of Lucun wisdom in implementing the overall solution of enterprise information management for decades. Aiming at the business pain points of enterprise bidding, according to the measures for electronic bidding and tendering of the national development and Reform Commission According to the relevant requirements of the technical specifications for electronic bidding system, it is a full process electronic bidding and procurement platform designed and developed independently

Wangcai is built and operated by Lucun intelligence. Unlike the traditional E-bidding and procurement platform, Wangcai covers five functional businesses, including supplier management, bidding and procurement business, auxiliary decision-making, value-added services, and platform security. It can provide enterprises with knowable, visual, and controllable supply chain whole process services, realize the whole process of e-procurement bidding, realize "don't meet" procurement bidding, and help enterprises quickly find Cooperate to manage suppliers and complete bidding and procurement work without leaving home

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