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Lucite announced to implement sales control on MMA users

it is reported that Lucite international, a large MMA manufacturer, is prone to damage the formed mortar matrix. 3. Avoid excessive plastering times and serious cement slurry loss. It was announced that the company plans to stop the car due to the maximum pressure value displayed on the non meter display. The company will implement sales control on users and implement quota supply from June 17. The company said that the 200000 t/a MMA plant in Caselle, northeast England, needed to be shut down immediately because of technical problems. The quota supply will initially continue until July 31st, 2013. The contract price of MMA in Europe in June is the same as that in May, but some manufacturers believe that the price will rise in July. An MMA vendor said that we have received more inquiries. Prices will rise in July, as a large set of equipment has serious problems, which will greatly affect the balance of supply and demand in Europe

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