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The rubber machinery professional committee of China Chemical Equipment Association recently made statistics on the economic indicators of 30 major rubber machinery manufacturers in China in 2011. The main economic indicators of China's rubber machinery industry, such as sales revenue, profits and foreign exchange earnings from exports, hit another record high, and the mainstream manufacturers accelerated the pace of international operations. But at the same time, it is found that the rapid development of China's rubber machinery shows signs of unbalanced development and insufficient stamina. It is necessary to further adjust the product structure, research and develop high-end products, and speed up the pace of internationalization, so as to achieve sustainable and healthy development

according to the statistical data of economic indicators of 30 major rubber machinery manufacturers, the sales revenue of rubber machinery in 2011 was 8.85 billion yuan, an increase of 18% over the previous year. Based on this, it is estimated that the focus of China's rubber machinery industry is the graphene supercapacitor industry. The total sales revenue in 2011 reached 11.6 billion yuan, an increase of 10% over 2009. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development 5%。 According to the sales revenue ranking, soft controls, Dalian Rubber and plastic, Yiyang Rubber machinery, Guilin rubber machinery, double star machinery, Fujian Sanming, Tianjin Saixiang, Beijing Beidai technology, Beijing Jingye and Guilin rubber are in the top 10

the sales revenue of rubber machinery increased unevenly. The sales revenue of soft control shares in hydraulic universal testing machines and Dalian Rubber and plastic increased by nearly 1billion yuan, accounting for most of the national revenue growth. The number of enterprises with decreased or flat sales revenue reached 21, accounting for 75% of the total. At the same time, the growth of sales revenue showed the phenomenon of "double heaven" in the first and second half of the year. In the first half of the year, production and sales were generally booming, orders decreased sharply in the second half of the year, production in the second half of the year was mainly based on orders contracted in the first half of the year, and the production tasks of some enterprises were insufficient. The concentration of the industry has increased significantly. The proportion of the top three sales revenue has increased from 26.5% to 33.5%, and the proportion of the top ten has increased from 55.3% to 59.8%

the sales growth of rubber machinery mainly comes from non tire rubber machinery. After the second half of last year, the slowdown in investment in China's tire industry and the reduction in demand for tire equipment are the main reasons for the poor sales situation of China's rubber machinery. However, the development of non tire rubber products, especially conveyor belts and rubber hoses, has a strong demand for non tire rubber machinery. The sales revenue of Liaoning Panjin machinery company increased by 156% due to the special structure type of nanoparticles, mainly due to the growth of rubber hose machinery. Therefore, the factory ended its five-year loss history

according to the reported profit statistics, the overall profit of the industry increased by 15.7%, hitting a new record. None of the 30 enterprises suffered losses, and their profits generally increased. Dalian Chengxin, Guilin Xiangji and Jiangsu shuangxiang increased their profits by more than 30%. The profit of soft control shares reached 521million, setting the best record for single enterprise profit of rubber machinery enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the total profit of the industry. The total assets of industrial enterprises increased significantly, and the assets and liabilities also increased significantly, mainly due to investment in expanding production capacity. The output value of new products decreased by 14.2% year-on-year, indicating that the R & D of rubber machinery in China is weak

in 2011, China's export of rubber machinery increased by 16.5% to US $200million, accounting for about 10.9% of the total sales revenue. There are five companies with an export delivery value of more than 100 million yuan, including soft control shares, Guilin rubber machinery, Dalian Rubber and plastic, Yiyang Rubber Machinery and double star machinery. Export earning foreign exchange increased significantly, with an increase of more than 50%. Huayang automation increased by 700%, mainly due to the development of the Eastern European market. Soft control Co., Ltd. contracted the whole project of a tire factory in Myanmar, and vigorously explored the Indian market, with export earnings increasing by more than 50%

with the decline of domestic demand for rubber machinery, China's rubber machinery pays more attention to the development of foreign markets. China National Chemical Equipment Corporation has formulated an international business strategy, integrated the export sales of its three rubber machinery enterprises, and focused its sales on the international market. Tianjin Saixiang has recently made a breakthrough in exploring the Indian market, with a single order of US $26million. It is expected that export earnings will increase significantly in 2012. Following the acquisition of Czech enterprises, soft holdings acquired Vico, the world's top molding drum manufacturer, and Dalian Rubber and plastic successively acquired Canadian and Czech companies, and these acquisitions were successful. China National Chemical Equipment Corporation has established a rubber machine maintenance office in India and a technology center in Europe

so far, the top 10 tires in the world have all selected China's rubber machinery products. China's rubber machinery is gradually moving from a "domestic factory" to an "international company", and China's rubber machinery has formed a large brand influence in the world

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