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Internet and paper industry (Part 2)

due to the general recession of the current economic situation, the advertising expenses of various institutions and units have been greatly reduced, resulting in a sharp decline in the volume of printing business, forcing publishers and printers to arrange the layout more compact in order to save paper consumption. This approach is mainly affected by the economic situation, and has no inevitable connection with the development of Internet. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the publishers of magazines and publications in Europe immediately felt a sudden increase in the volume, and the casting of composite materials only needed to associate the vast majority of premixed carbon fibers and resins with the terrorist attacks, while the advertising business volume fell sharply, which was also the common feeling of publishing institutions in the world. The publishers of Italian magazines and publications admitted that in just a few days after the terrorist attack, advertising revenue decreased by $4.7 million, mainly from airlines and U.S. business institutions. According to information from Germany, although the publisher of the publication temporarily added weekly magazines related to the terrorist attacks, the number is limited and cannot be compared with the amount of advertising lost

in fact, Internet is also developing. Although the development momentum is relatively rapid, it is more vulnerable to the economic situation. On November 21st, 2000, the Beijing Youth Press published a monograph entitled "the Internet foam is about to burst". According to the survey of San Francisco station company, a total of 22 network companies in the United States closed down in October, while 21 companies have declared bankruptcy in just over half of November. With Christmas approaching, some Internet companies would rather go bankrupt than face the dilemma of insufficient funds. Today, as the market tends to be diversified, the journey of using oil with relatively high viscosity as much as possible will not be smooth. Its own development has yet to be integrated, and the situation of dominating the world will be impossible in the foreseeable future

4 advantages and current situation of paper-based media

interconnection does have irreplaceable advantages: it highlights the rapidity and timeliness of information, and the transmission cost is low. The advantage of Internet is mainly reflected in the extremely fast speed of obtaining information, but to obtain more in-depth and detailed information, we need to rely on paper-based media. In terms of the current development trend, interconnection cannot replace paper-based media in a real sense. In a sense, there is no lack of people who pursue freshness among the vast number of users who use the Internet

the printing and publishing industry involves many fields. Although classified advertising is easier to complete on the Internet, the advertising business in many fields is still concentrated on paper-based printing media. The clarity and fidelity of digital imaging technology cannot be better reflected through the Internet. The wonderful advertising effect of electronic media can only stimulate the image of consumers in an instant and short time, which can not replace the brightly colored and exquisite advertising pictures printed on high-grade coated paper. Paper-based advertising pictures give people the enjoyment of beauty, and the sensory stimulation to consumers is long-term. Traditional paper-based printing media must be used for businesses that cannot be successfully completed by using digital platforms. Practice has proved that paper-based books and materials printed on paper can be preserved for hundreds of years or even longer. In terms of the current development trend, paper-based books and materials will still occupy a dominant position

5 the Enlightenment of paper-based media from the competition between paper-based media

in the competition between network media and paper-based media, paper-based media has gradually lost its inherent advantageous position in the field of traditional communication and communication. The paper-based media realizes that the network media will be a potential competitor, which adds a little sense of hardship. It is a wake-up and incentive for it, which will help the paper-based media and the paper industry adjust their development strategies

in today's increasingly diversified market, the paper industry must lock in specific areas with promising prospects for in-depth development. Develop the potential advertising market and promote the development of paper-based media. For example, where there are golf clubs, there will be golf training services and golf magazines. The paper industry adjusts the product structure to meet the needs of the development of social and economic situation. For example, when it is popularized and applied, it does not make letters generally disappear, but promotes the paper industry to develop a new printing paper type containing mechanical pulp - thin paper, which meets the needs of the market

to survive in all things in the world, we should be good at discovering the countless relationships between things, and explore potential development opportunities. To survive in the cracks of competition will create an endless driving force for development, so as to remain invincible

in short, under the new economic situation, the growth of pulp and paper industry is relatively slow, and there are many interconnected factors. However, in the current situation and the foreseeable future, the two should be associated and complementary, and paper-based media will still occupy a dominant position in most fields for a long time

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