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On May 25, in the distribution room of Fuzhou Strait Library in Fujian Province, a small, cute looking robot was busy. Whether the temperature was normal and whether the large and small faults in the distribution station could not escape its "eyes". The scientific name of the robot is track type intelligent inspection robot. The inspection scope is the whole station, and the inspection cycle is 12 hours. By collecting external data, and then conducting background analysis and processing, the inspection report is transmitted to the monitoring room in real time. Once hidden dangers are found in the equipment, the backstage staff can find them at the first time and troubleshoot them in time

in recent years, China Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to information construction, widely used information and digital technology in the whole business of power production, construction and operation, and in the whole field of power supply, configuration and consumption, and built intelligent power, committed to providing cleaner, more efficient and more convenient power

intelligent dispatching clean energy utilization is more efficient

"this set of intelligent electric clean energy monitoring and dispatching system can collect the data of reservoir water level and outbound flow in real time across the province, and the electric dispatcher can scientifically arrange the power generation of each hydropower station according to the relevant data to maximize the use of water resources." On April 13, at the dispatching Hall of Fujian electric power reservoir, the operator on duty clicked the mouse, and the real-time information of 44 reservoirs in the province appeared on the big screen

Fujian electric power is one of the few provincial-level electric power with a complete range of water, fire, gas, nuclear, wind, photovoltaic and other power sources. Different power sources bring many challenges to the stable dispatching and operation of electric power: there are 5862 hydropower stations in the province, which is one of the most complex provincial-level electric power dispatching in China; At present, wind power and photovoltaic power, which account for 6.2% of the installed capacity, bring huge peak shaving pressure to power operation due to intermittency and volatility

according to the characteristics of Fujian power supply, Fujian electric power has developed an intelligent electric clean energy monitoring and dispatching system, which comprehensively grasps the data of 259 water level stations and 638 rainfall stations in six rivers and two streams in the province, introduces meteorological information, carries out the inflow and outflow forecast of reservoir groups, carries out the joint optimal operation of reservoir groups in the whole basin and across basins, vacates the reservoir for power generation in advance before the flood comes, and retains the flood tail after the flood, The improvement rate of hydropower utilization ranks first in China

in addition, the intelligent clean energy monitoring and dispatching system also realizes the real-time monitoring of the single machine power generation information, wind tower data, solar radiation and more than 10000 distributed photovoltaic power quantities of 82 wind power and photovoltaic power stations in the province. It is the first to carry out the prediction of wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity in the next 7 days in the country, and build a joint optimal dispatching model of multiple power sources. Through pumped storage power stations and LNG gas-fired power stations with strong regulation capacity, It can complement wind power and photovoltaic power generation in multiple ways, give full play to the power generation capacity of clean energy, and realize the full consumption of clean energy, so that Fujian power has not abandoned water, wind and light for many consecutive years, and Fujian wind power utilization hours have ranked first in the country for five consecutive years

in 2017, the internal pressure of water, fire, gas, nuclear, wind, photovoltaic and other electrical models in the whole province is usually 50 ~ 120 bar (5000 ~ 12000kpa). The source installed capacity is 55.97 million watts to check the wear degree of the needle valve, and the annual power generation is 218.6 billion kwh, of which the installed proportion of clean energy is 54.5%, and the power generation of clean energy accounts for 52%

big data monitoring massive data to improve management quality and efficiency

"in 2017, 418309 changes were found in the province, with a change rectification rate of 92.19% and a change recurrence rate of 29.3%, which were better than the same period in 2016; a total of 57 risk prompts were sent to professional departments, 10 risk prompts were sent to supervision and audit departments, 61 management improvements were promoted, and 3.24 million yuan of economic losses were recovered." This is a monitoring report card handed over by Fujian electric power operation supervision center

Fujian electric power operation supervision center adheres to the concept of "using data for monitoring and monitoring management data", deepens the normal operation of monitoring business, continues to expand the depth and breadth of monitoring and analysis, consolidates the foundation of data management, realizes the comprehensive monitoring and real-time warning of major operating indicators of comprehensive performance, main business and core resources, and improves the quality and efficiency of enterprise management

the complete and true index number is an important support for monitoring because the manipulator can process products with complex shapes very quickly

Fujian electric power has integrated production management system (GPMS), dispatching automation system (SCADA), power consumption information collection, SG186 and other system related data, and built a unified massive data center across the province by matching and detecting the data of different systems. Based on the data center, the operation supervision center obtains multiple sets of business system data, accesses 3.25 billion pieces of detailed data, and the amount of data reaches 13.8 terabytes, realizing cross professional data application

the construction of massive data center has built a broad platform for the work of the operation supervision center. Fujian electric power has independently developed 8 themes and 12 thematic monitoring and analysis models. Through big data mining and analysis technology, it carries out monitoring around the core business of the enterprise and realizes the closed-loop management and control of changes

Fujian has a wide range of distribution points. During the peak summer every year, with the increase of users' power load, the overload of distribution transformers in the urban-rural junction of coastal areas is more prominent, which not only affects the normal and safe operation of equipment, but also has a certain impact on customers' power quality

in order to solve this problem, Fujian electric power has built a distribution heavy overload risk early warning model suitable for Fujian coastal region, climate and economic development, and based on the single distribution transformer, carried out the urban and rural distribution transformer heavy overload early warning analysis, and identified the distribution transformer that may have heavy overload according to the cycle and timeliness of the distribution transformer heavy overload early warning

at present, the prediction accuracy of heavy overload distribution transformer in Fujian power can reach 80% - 90%, which provides a reference for the company to formulate the weekly inspection and maintenance plan of distribution transformer and the arrangement of annual distribution technology transformation projects. Since 2015, the company's operation monitoring center has carried out weight overload monitoring of distribution transformers, frequent power outages in Fujian power distribution have decreased by 52% year-on-year, and low-voltage substation areas have decreased by 65% year-on-year

"Internet +" customers can easily run electricity

at 10:58 on March 2, Fuzhou Hongteng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. applied for high-voltage power engineering installation through the "handheld power" app. At 11:10, the staff of the customer service team of the command and service center of Fuzhou power supply company accepted this order after preliminarily reviewing the customer application form and relevant materials through the "new installation, capacity increase and power change" of the "marketing service control platform"

the customer's electricity application was accepted in 12 minutes without going to the business hall. Instead, the information that was originally required to be submitted to the business hall was reviewed by the surveyor sent by the command and service center when they went to the customer's home to investigate, which really facilitated the customer

taking advantage of the east wind of the Internet era, Fujian electric power has taken customers as the center, actively promoted "Internet +" power services, power, e-bao, "palm power" app, 95598 interactive station, electric vehicle charging facility service network and other new service channels, and realized the full-service "online and offline integration" service; Establish a power supply service command center, deepen the connection and data sharing of information systems of marketing, power distribution and dispatching businesses, create an o2o online and offline closed-loop service chain with sharp front-end tentacles and highly coordinated back-end, and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of power supply services

in 2017, Fujian province realized 14 routine power consumption businesses "without running a trip", and the length of time customers use telegrams to install and connect electricity decreased by 21% year-on-year. In 2018, in order to facilitate citizens to handle various power consumption businesses, a new "one code power" system is also about to be born. Through this business, customers can directly handle power consumption businesses by scanning the QR code, realizing 19 conventional power consumption businesses "no need to run one time", and 8 businesses "no more than one time"

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