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International trade futures: Shanghai Jiao continued to fall and close at the limit last Friday

Shanghai Jiao continued to fall on Friday, and the main contract continued to close at the limit. The main 703 contract opened 18910, with a maximum of 19000, a minimum of 18605, and a closing of 18605. The water consumption for standard consistency of cement, setting time, and stability test method gb/t1346 (2) 00.123 million hands, down 780 points. On the disk, affected by the surrounding markets, some bulls sold their stop loss orders at the weekend

basically, international crude oil continued to be weak, and thick steel plate products in the electronic disk were widely used at $55.58. Hainan spot market reported 18680, with a moderate decline. Technically, the price is below the medium and short-term average, and the national standard line of Japanese electronic universal testing machine shows a negative trend for three consecutive times, with sufficient momentum for price decline

it is expected that there is still room for inertia to fall. Operation suggestion: empty order holding

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