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"Interconnection" brings opportunities for intelligent transportation

under the influence of interconnection, many traditional industries have undergone or are undergoing disruptive changes, and interconnection thinking has become the hottest topic at present. So what is Internet thinking

the category of interconnected thinking is very broad, and it is difficult to give it an accurate definition. Interconnection provides people with access to information and the purchase of hydraulic universal testing machine: mainly consider the following parts: it provides a new way, and sharing is its biggest feature. Wang Xiaojing, director of the national intelligent transportation system engineering technology research center, said that thanks to this sharing, the original hierarchical structure of information dissemination in society has become flat. The public can directly access information from higher levels, and it is easier for the high-level to access information from lower levels

Wang Xiaojing believes that the concept of interconnection is more inclusive in the field of intelligent transportation. It includes not only the mobile Internet communication in the narrow sense, but also the communication between vehicles that do not depend on the interconnection, and the communication between vehicles and infrastructure. For example, the toll collection system etc on expressway is a two-way data exchange mode based on vehicle and road, which does not need the intervention of interconnection

the concept of interconnection is quietly shaping the picture of intelligent transportation industry, and is playing a role in traffic managers, service providers, personal life experience, as well as transportation tools and infrastructure

specifically, it forces the government and other traffic managers to change their management methods. In the Internet era, the source of traffic information no longer depends on the government, but comes from direct traffic participants, which provides conditions for many services in intelligent transportation to cross the barriers of the government and infrastructure managers. Wang Xiaojing said. For example, the current apps such as air travel vertical and horizontal make flight information gradually transparent, which virtually puts pressure on airport managers to improve their management level. At the same time, transportation service providers are also constantly optimizing their services in competition with each other, and gradually integrate meteorological, catering, tourism and other related services into apps to seek greater user stickiness. In addition, for individuals, people have richer choices and a better sense of experience. For example, when people are looking for a restaurant, they can directly save the time of auxiliary experiments. Seeing first-hand user comments on the app is more conducive to making rational judgments

in addition to the above effects on people, the concept of interconnection is also changing transportation and infrastructure. Wang Xiaojing said. For example, the communication ability between vehicles and roads will be more and more likely to be mechanically damaged due to lack of careful protection. At present, tens of millions of new cars sold every year begin to have its application elements, and the intelligent level of the vehicle itself is getting higher and higher. Therefore, assistant driving system and automatic driving technology have also become the focus of research and development

electrification and intelligence have become an irreversible trend in the development of the world's automotive industry. With the cross-border penetration of IT enterprises, the competition and integration situation between traditional car enterprises and IT enterprises is becoming more and more obvious, and the oil delivery valve is slowly opened. Electronic Internet companies such as apple and Google have even put forward their own plans to build cars independently, triggering a competitive war between car companies and IT companies. Traditional automobile enterprises believe that automobile manufacturing is a technology intensive industry, and the precise adjustment of every small part is related to human life, and the maturity of technology requires the accumulation of time, which may not be available for IT enterprises to lead the construction of cars. So, in the Internet era, is technology still the threshold of the automotive industry

technology is indeed the threshold, but it can be solved. Wang Xiaojing said that for example, an Internet enterprise can directly purchase the technology and talents of a complete vehicle factory. Similarly, an automobile enterprise can also purchase an Internet enterprise if it is willing. This kind of merger is completely feasible, which is common in the process of technological progress in western developed countries

the development of mobile Internet has brought huge business opportunities to the society. Under the allocation of the market, it enterprises and car enterprises compete fiercely. However, any enterprise that completely crosses the border needs to pay a huge cost to start from scratch, so both parties are often more willing to choose cooperation, which is the shortcut to achieve leapfrog development. Wang Xiaojing said

Wang Xiaojing pointed out that both IT enterprises and car enterprises participate in the intelligent transportation industry. Both sides are indispensable forces and promote intelligent transportation forward in the game

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