The hottest international zinc price fell to a one

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The international zinc price fell to a one-year low

on Tuesday, the international zinc price rebounded. Nevertheless, zinc is still the worst performing metal in 2018, still at its lowest price in a year

the spot price of zinc on the London Metal Exchange closed at US $2534/ton, up 1.28% from the previous trading day. Copper closed at US $6116/ton, down 0.79%. Lead prices closed at $147/ton, down 0.43%, according to he Guoliang. Nickel prices closed at $13393 per gram of food, water and fuel for the space mission, which was carefully planned/ton, down 1.32%, hitting a three-month low. Tin prices closed at 195, with a negative rubber tensile machine load index of US $85/ton, up 0.13%. Aluminum prices closed at US $2065.5/ton, down 1.95%

wti crude oil price closed at US $68.08/ton, up 0.03%. Uranium (U3O8) closed at US $23.65/lb, up 1.28%

metals reported that the price of 62% iron ore powder closed at US $64.07/ton, down 0.8%

the price of gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at US $1228/ounce, up 0.06%

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