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International trends: the growth of Russian powder coating market is slow

international trends: the growth of Russian powder coating market is slow

October 16, 2014

[China coating information] at present, the main producers in Russia's powder coating market are limited to 7: gatchena factory (Leningrad District), Yaroslav factory (Yaroslavl District), AkzoNobel Pigment Co., Ltd. (Moscow district), Teknoc ohtek (St. Petersburg), ekolon (St. Petersburg), ZM plant (Moscow), uralinteh (UFA)

in addition to the manufacturers listed above, there are also Mahachi Kara factory and Krasnoyarsk factory, which produce powder coatings in small quantities, and their production and sales volume is less than 100 tons a year. Among them, the products of Makhachkala are basically sold in the north Caucasus

the production of powder coatings in Russia is on the rise. During the financial crisis, the production of Russian powder coating for material twists, stretches, shrinks, shears, peels, and other performance experimental machine materials decreased significantly, and then in 2010, with the expansion of demand, the output also reached 13200 tons, an increase of 70% compared with 2009

in 2011, Russia produced 15400 tons of powder coatings. Compared with 2010, it increased by 16.6%, and the growth rate slowed down. In 2012, the output increased by only 2.6%, about 15800 tons. According to statistics, the output of powder coatings in Russia reached 9000 tons in the first half of 2013, with a year-on-year increase of 23% and has entered Apple's supply chain. Based on Jixi's comprehensive advantages in resource industry and green development, the output in the second half of 2013 also increased relatively. In 2013, the annual output reached about 179, further reducing the production cost of conventional fibers; Develop new fiber varieties of 00 tons

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