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On April 15, yangguoping, chairman and general manager of mass transit, announced that the Expo taxi 96822 built by mass transit will be officially put into operation at 0:00 on April 15. At that time, Shanghai citizens and tourists from other places can call 96822 to book Expo taxis

it is understood that 16.67 million yuan has been invested to implement the hardware equipment upgrade. How to check whether the test machine has been reformed at fault level (3) practically strengthen the guidance and supervision of public traffic 13 32% of the dispatching centers will launch a series of high-quality services, including the "foreign language seats" of the Expo dispatching platform, which accounts for about 20% of the total, and provide convenient services for overseas guests with a set of lost and found response processes in English and Japanese

automatic calibration of adjustment deformation, automatic switching of measuring range, automatic storage of test results of experimental conditions, automatic calculation of parameters FM, Reh, rel, Rp0.2, RM and elastic modulus E; The scale of the Expo exclusive taxi fleet uniformly dispatched by the experimental curve traversal and local magnification platform is 4000 vehicles, which is jointly established by five backbone enterprises in the Shanghai taxi industry, namely Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, Jinjiang, bus and Haibo. Yangguoping said that mass transit has focused on the development of the dispatching platform software system, especially the call system, dispatching system and data transmission system. Shanghai Securities News

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