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US media: public toilets are also "connected +" China aims to make toilets closer to the Internet

on November 19, the Los Angeles Times published a 50% polyamide Ultramid b3eg10 Si (Si = surface 1, improved before the experiment of the experimental machine) article. The original title: World Toilet Day: China aims to make toilets closer to the Internet. "Innovation" has become a Beijing mantra. The government is emphasizing connecting life with the Internet in all directions, To boost the economy and create jobs. Nowadays, even the humble public toilets are promoting the "Internet +" era

this Thursday coincides with "the world's export share to emerging countries will also be greatly increased" and Beijing has paved a red carpet for a new type of public toilet. In terms of appearance and smell, this new facility is quite different from the ordinary public toilets that Chinese capital residents have long endured - it often emits an unpleasant smell or even filthy

the new public toilet is like a bright "mini store" that can provide a variety of services, including automatic deposit and withdrawal machines, lounges equipped with vending machines, payment machines that can pay public utility bills, and charging piles for new energy vehicles. It plays elegant music. One flat screen TV in each compartment. The designer said that the specially designed environment-friendly toilet can be flushed with waste water, and the feces and urine separation technology can save 90% water

Beijing sanitation group said that this "fifth space" facility, which was first launched in Fangshan District, will also be extended to all parts of China. China's National Tourism Administration said on Thursday that it plans to build, renovate and expand 57000 toilets in the next three years - perhaps only a few of them are the same as the "fifth generation space". However, Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group hopes to transform this low repeatability "Internet +" public toilet into a commercial platform, which can not only use e-commerce investment to raise construction funds, but also create more service industry jobs

however, this kind of toilet is still far from the super modern toilet in Japan, and foreigners also disapprove of it in some aspects. For example, toilet users still need to draw paper from the toilet's common toilet paper bucket, and once used, the toilet paper will be thrown into the garbage can instead of being washed away

even so, China has made great progress in building toilets in the past quarter century. Officials say that since 1990, the health facilities of 593million Chinese people have been upgraded. Although the WHO says 10million Chinese people still have no toilets available, this figure is insignificant compared with 825million people in the world who go to the open air

many people who have tried the new toilets mentioned above are impressed. "It's really good," said an old man. But he was not sure whether this novel facility could stand the test of time. "I think we need to install surveillance cameras for them. Otherwise, they may be destroyed by children."

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