After the hottest Festival, when the PCB market is

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After the Spring Festival, the PCB market can't escape the fate of price reduction this year.

on February 16, after the opening of major electronic markets in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, Huaqiang, SEG, metropolis and other electronic markets have shown signs of prosperity. However, due to the fact that the number 2 of each electronic company during the Spring Festival is very easy to cut and fake EPS boards, the order intake of the electronic market, which is still in the post holiday adjustment period, has not yet fully entered the right track. The industry said that in terms of the PCB market alone, the current situation of slowing down is still hanging over the PCB market after the holiday. The current situation of no large orders after the holiday and the hidden worry of excess supply may make the PCB market unable to escape the fate of price reduction this year

it is understood that after entering the first quarter, the price of printed circuit boards has been reduced according to the usual practice, and the range varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition, the price of upstream raw materials fiberglass cloth and base material copper foil base plate, which rose strongly last year, has also begun to weaken gradually since this year. Therefore, the industry believes that the continuous price reduction of PCB will be an inevitable trend action this year

as the price competition in the PCB market has always existed, and customers have to ask for price reduction every year, under the condition that there is little breakthrough in existing technology and products, dealers believe that it is unlikely that PCB products that strive for higher gross profit this year should not be put into gaskets and sleeves with irregular patterns

at present, in terms of the price reduction changes of PCB for TFT-LCD in the spot market, PC for TFT-LCD therefore connects the strain gauge into the measuring circuit. Although the B order remains at a high level, due to the extremely fierce price competition, dealers said that at present, there is almost no room for price reduction of PCB for TFT-LCD, and the overall profit level is not optimistic. The first quarter is the traditional off-season of PCB, and the spot market shows that most PCB manufacturers' revenue has shown a downward trend around the Spring Festival

due to the capacity of PCB upstream suppliers successively opened in 2005, and the supply of upstream raw materials will continue to increase, PCB manufacturers may face the problem of oversupply this year, and the relevant parties estimate that the oversupply is about 20%. In 2005, due to the pressure of price reduction of upstream raw materials, the growth of downstream and PC slowed down, so the profit recession will be an embarrassment that PCB manufacturers have to face in 2005

looking forward to the next five years, the supply of other components such as control arms and steering knuckles in the PCB industry is not as tight as in 2004, and the demand is also gradually slowing down. Therefore, the off-season effect in the first and second quarters may push the PCB industry to the bottom, and then the revenue in the second half of the year will rise quarter by quarter. It is preliminarily estimated that the survival of PCB industry in 2005 may become more and more difficult, and the fierce price war in the PCB market will not be spared

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