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On November 15, 2018, the third central ecological and environmental protection supervision group conducted a spot check on the first round of investigation and treatment of the problems assigned by the central environmental protection supervision, and found that Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province, failed to investigate and deal with the problems assigned, and simply covered and buried nearly 200000 cubic meters of waste mixed with hazardous waste, They announced to the society through the media that the rectification was in place, and the problem of false rectification was prominent

I. Basic information

in August 2017, the third environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee received many reports from the masses, reflecting that a large amount of chemical waste liquid, medical waste, domestic waste, etc. were illegally buried in the pit of Zhenmiao village, Guangrao County, Dongying City, seriously polluting the surrounding environment. After the investigation, Dongying City reported to the inspection team that Guangrao County organized relevant departments to carry out the investigation, and a total of 77.95 tons of medical waste and more than 400 tons of domestic waste were cleared and transported. On June 15, 2018, Guangrao County announced that the assigned problems had been rectified and cancelled, and Dongying also publicized and reported the relevant situation

however, during the "looking back" sinking, the inspection team found that Guangrao County only cleaned up hundreds of tons of medical waste and domestic waste on the surface of the illegal landfill, turned a blind eye to the rest of nearly 200000 cubic meters of hazardous waste and domestic waste, and covered the surface of the landfill with construction waste, burying it to cover up the problem

II. Existing problems

(I) the investigation of the problem is not strict and untrue

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the masses reported that the landfill site of solid waste in Zhenmiao village is more than 1000 meters long, meters wide and more than 10 meters deep, but Guangrao County did not conduct an in-depth investigation of the site situation in the process of organizing relevant departments to investigate and deal with it. After inquiring some of the people involved, it was determined that the illegal landfill site is 235 meters long, It is 45 meters wide and deep 5 meters. The prepared emergency disposal plan does not mention the key elements such as the area of illegal landfill site and the amount of landfill, nor does it identify and explain the type and nature of solid waste landfilled

the inspector found that the illegal landfill was more than 400 meters long, 60 meters wide, more than 10 meters deep, with a landfill volume of about 200000 cubic meters. It not only landfilled a large amount of domestic waste, but also mixed with medical waste and industrial hazardous waste. As can be seen from the schematic diagram in January 2018, on January 15, the inspection team randomly selected 7 points for excavation and found that most of the landfill materials were dark brown with a strong pungent smell. After sampling and identification by professional institutions, due to the mixed landfill of domestic waste and hazardous waste, the landfill waste, taking gold products as an example, has the characteristics of hazardous waste

Figure 1 the supervision group randomly selected points for excavation

(II) the on-site disposal was perfunctory

the inspectors found that during the disposal process, Dongying City and Guangrao County had sampled and monitored the rainwater accumulated in the pits on the surface of the landfill, and the concentration of volatile phenol reached 7.08mg/l, 70 times higher than the surface water quality standard of class V; The concentration of highly toxic cyanide is 1.153mg/l. However, it did not attract enough attention and did not conduct in-depth analysis on the composition of the buried solid waste, but symbolically cleaned up 79.55 tons of medical waste and more than 400 tons of domestic waste, and disposed of as general solid waste. Turning a blind eye to the remaining nearly 200000 cubic meters of hazardous waste and domestic waste, and directly covering a small amount of construction waste on the surface, the rectification is declared to be completed. The handling was extremely perfunctory and the attitude was extremely careless

Figure 2. The composition of the landfill is complex and seriously pollutes the environment

(III) acceptance and cancellation is a mere formality

Guangrao County disclosed the completion of the rectification of the assigned problem on June 15, 2018, and reported the acceptance and cancellation to Dongying City. Dongying City only made a summary without verifying the situation. The whole acceptance and cancellation work is a mere formality. On August 23, 2018, "Dongying" also carried out a positive publicity report on its rectification process with the title of "Guangrao County effectively handles the garbage pollution problem of the central environmental protection inspector"

Figure 3 "Dongying" carried out positive publicity and report on the rectification situation

III. cause analysis

the inspector believed that Dongying City and familiar with the certification rules required to master and pass to enter the specific utilization market as soon as possible. Guangrao County had insufficient understanding and attention to the ecological environment problems concerned by the masses, and did not dare to deal with the rectification problems of the inspector. It was very bad in nature because of false rectification and perfunctory response

in view of the identified situation, the supervision team has asked the Shandong provincial government to immediately organize professional forces to re evaluate the degree of environmental pollution and ecological damage in the illegal landfill area, scientifically formulate rectification plans and immediately start the treatment work, while seriously pursuing responsibility according to discipline and law

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