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Fang Xueping: a lifelong chip for the paint industry of bards

14 years ago, when Mr. Fang Xueping, President of bards, founded Kao paint in Guizhou rent factory in Shunde, perhaps he didn't expect that the humble shed and eight person enterprise in those days could develop into an authoritative development company with today's output value of 1 billion, six manufacturing plant bases, and nearly 60 offices or market service centers across the country Large private high-tech enterprise group producing chemical coatings

on July 5, 2010, the follow-up service team of the top ten award-winning enterprises of Huicong coatings entered bards and officially opened the road to interpret the successful development of China's excellent coating enterprises. We plan to spend half a year to promote the implementation of this project by visiting Chinese finished coating manufacturers, dealers and their top leaders for high-end interviews. High end interview has always been one of the authoritative columns of HC. The content of the interview will be displayed in different forms such as stations and periodicals. The purpose is to increase the exchange and communication of people in the industry with the help of media promotion power, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. In addition, we hope to share with the audience through the respondents' senior professional experience and rich life experience. This visit takes bards as the starting point, which is not only our recognition of bards for the development momentum after entering the 21st century, which makes the whole local coating industry side by side, but also our recognition of Fang Xueping, who was one of the top ten figures in China's coating industry in 2009. I hope that through my interview with him, I can bring you a different feeling of bards

welcome to bards

although I have had several meetings with bards president in the coating industry, I have never had the opportunity to have in-depth communication with him or to personally visit bards Zhongshan company. During this field visit, president Fang's first words were "welcome to bards" and told the author of Huicong about his 14 years of hard work and hard work. In October, 1996, president Fang, who holds the title of master of Chinese Academy of Sciences, established Kao paint factory in Guizhou rented factory in Shunde. At that time, Kao "had no office, no production workshop, only 8 people". The office was rented, the production workshop was rented, and the production equipment was rented

but it can be said that bards has hit the best development era. In 1998, at that time, China's coating industry was in a stage of rapid development and had a loose enterprise environment. The new Zhongshan plant of bards chemical industry, which was funded and built by all parties, was successfully completed in October 1999. Since then, bards chemical industry has gradually moved from entrepreneurship to standardization and upgrading. So far, bards has six manufacturing plant bases, and has set up nearly 60 offices or market service centers across the country, cultivating brands such as Kao, bards, Cardin, and tai'ao. When it comes to the strong development of bards, Fang Xueping always sums it up as "two good". "First, the people in bards are good. Now people outside bards evaluate bards. We can say that bards are bad, but we must not say that bards are bad. Many of our dealers have followed us for more than ten years. In some years in the middle, why do we still choose bards when tempted by the huge profits of some coating brands? Because we bards are good to them, they feel that they do not cooperate with bards Sorry, this is our most successful point; The second good thing is that bards' products are good and the quality is relatively stable. This can be inquired from the station of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. In the annual random inspection announcement, we are the most praised enterprise "

now when we talk about Fang Xueping, perhaps the first association is his good reputation for being proficient in both technology and management. But who knows that in the early days of the founding of bards, in order to ensure the stability of bards' product quality, he led a team to visit Germany, Japan and the United States, comprehensively mastered the context of the giants of the world paint Kingdom, understood the core and gathered the strengths of his family. In order to completely solve the problem technically, Fang Xueping also hired Dr. jrjone, the world's top coating expert, as the chief engineer of bards in Germany, and three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as part-time researchers of the company in China, forming a strong technical team including domestic experts. After a long period of research, these experts collectively decided to introduce the advanced intelligent computer-controlled coating production line from Germany and a full set of quality testing equipment from Japan and the United States. The main raw materials of the company are all imported from Germany and Australia, which fundamentally solves the problems of equipment, technology, process and talents in bards. Since its birth, bards has become a powerful enterprise fully armed, thus laying the foundation for bards' rapid development

in 2009, how did you spend the winter in badminton

at the end of 2008, when the financial crisis hit, many coating companies in the industry chose to cut spending or save promotion costs to tide over the pain, but on the contrary, when the financial crisis swept the world, bards hired three star spokesmen to shock the entire coating industry. It has become a hot spot in the industry by facing stars and dealers in a unique way. It can be said that celebrity endorsement has pushed several brands of bards to the hearts of dealers. The final result is that the performance of bards chemical in 2009 is simply rapid progress, and its speed and quality of opening stores make peers jealous. In 2009, when most enterprises were shrinking their fronts and saving money, bards launched a heavy attack. Where did Fang Xueping's confidence come from at that time? When Fang Xueping recalled this past, he said that from the end of 2008 to the beginning of 2009, the whole coating industry was relatively pessimistic and dealers were confused. At this time, we must give dealers confidence. As Premier Wen said, confidence is more important than gold, so we must make a gesture to make all dealers feel that our enterprise has great confidence in this industry

in the so-called crisis of 2009, Fang Xueping once said: "2009 is the starting point for bards to take off again. Decoration paint will fully enter the third and fourth level county and township markets, and advocate intensive cultivation to win the terminal. For this reason, the company will graft the star effect, and make a strong attack to shape the popularity and reputation of bards brand, so as to make bards the first strong brand in the county and township. Star endorsement is only a means. If you hire several star spokesmen, it can be said that the brand is star oriented , that's a little far fetched. Fang Xueping was calm, "At present, both chemical products and FMCG are hiring image spokesmen. Sometimes, the image spokesmen you hire will determine the grade of your brand. We hope that by hiring image spokesmen suitable for bards brand, we can make the brand star and go deep into the hearts of every consumer. The real brand star is to build the enterprise brand into a star brand through intensive marketing, It is not as simple as celebrity endorsement. But building a star brand requires a continuous process, which can not be achieved overnight. Therefore, the star brand is our goal. Once the brand becomes a dominant brand, as for sales, it is not a problem. "

therefore, it may be said that the sales of bards paint increased significantly in 2009. I think it is inseparable from the endorsement of Pu Cunxin, who is "the first domestic film and television star in terms of reputation and credibility"; If Kao lacquer grows rapidly, I think Zhang Tielin, the "emperor's professional household", has made great contributions; If Cardan paint and yaroz paint can quickly enter the market, I think it is inseparable from the cooperation of Chen Jianbin, the winner of the "outstanding contribution award of China TV series flying Award" and the "Best Advertising Spokesperson award of the Fifth China (Sanya) International TV Advertising Art Week 2009". But of course, this is not an inevitable relationship, because the display of endorsement results cannot be evaluated only by sales, but at least I believe that through endorsement, more ordinary consumers will know and understand bards

where is the next opportunity

first, building materials to the countryside

in order to comprehensively layout the township and rural paint market, in June 2010, bards group decided to implement the "bards paint to the countryside strategy", and invested 100 million yuan to further promote the process of bards paint to the countryside from the aspects of production, research and development, channel construction, after-sales service and so on. What does budds want with such a big hand? Fang Xueping believes that the sales volume of building materials to the countryside in the current one to two years should not be greatly boosted, because it involves a change in the sales model. The previous sales channels were relatively coarse and linear. Now going to towns and townships actually involves the flattening of a channel, and towns and townships are extremely decentralized, so it will be quite difficult to manage and layout, and sales are not necessarily large at present. Therefore, at present, building materials to the countryside is still in a stage of layout

however, the rural market is a very huge market. According to Fang Xueping, preparations have long been made for building materials to go to the countryside. On March 29, 2010, bards new chemical materials Co., Ltd. was officially established in Shanghai to prepare for listing. So far, bards group has established six subsidiaries in China, including six large paint production bases in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Nankang, Jiangxi, Kaiping, Guangdong, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, and has the most perfect production base layout in the domestic paint industry. With an annual coating production capacity of 500000 tons, the separation of new information industry from new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, construction, transportation and other industries is becoming more and more thorough, and the products radiate all counties, districts and towns in South China, East China, Central Plains, southwest, northwest and Northeast China. The product transportation channel is smooth, which can provide Township and rural consumers with the most cost-effective coating products in time and at a low cost

in order to ensure the health, environmental protection and high cost performance of paint products in the countryside, bards invested "special research and development funds for paint products in the countryside" at the beginning of the year to develop a series of "paint products specially supplied in the countryside" specifically for township and rural markets. Its products include five series, including badshi 188 environmental protection series, Kao 188 tea garden formaldehyde series, yaroz 186 formaldehyde series, Da'ao 188 Tianyuan Qingwei series, and Cardin 189 Qingwei series, which can fully meet the needs of the rural market. The retail price of paint products of "special supply to the countryside" series is uniformly marked, and its price positioning is 20% cheaper than the market retail price of similar products. The reasons why the products "specially supplied to the countryside" sell so cheaply are as follows: 1. Bards group company gives benefit to the (farmers) "people" and increases support for the strategy of going to the countryside; 2. Bards group's most perfect production layout in the industry enables paint products to go to the countryside to reach the township market conveniently, quickly and quickly, greatly reducing the transportation cost; 3. The distribution mode of "direct connection between offices, township and rural dealers" further reduces the circulation cost

to prosper the township paint market and serve the construction of new countryside. In order to truly benefit farmers and the people, and maximize the benefits that farmers can get from paint going to the countryside, we must vigorously reduce its sales circulation links, save its circulation costs, and realize the flattening of paint going to the countryside channels. To this end, bards decided to invest a huge amount of money to create a "service"

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