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Fall! Fall! Plummeted by 20.55%! Chemical raw materials fell collectively

down! Fall! Plummeted by 20.55%! Chemical raw materials fell collectively

January 26, 2021

with the Spring Festival approaching, holiday notices from many industries such as chemical industry, medical treatment, textile, clothing, etc. are coming in one after another, announcing that many enterprises are about to enter the Spring Festival holiday of dozens of days, and also indicating that in the next few decades, the downstream of the chemical industry will enter the "ice seal period", and the demand for raw materials will also be at a low ebb

many enterprises sent letters, and the Spring Festival holiday entered the countdown

Guangdong smart environmental protection technology sent a letter saying that the official holiday will begin on February 1, and the official work will begin on February 23. The Guangdong headquarters will stop receiving orders on January 26, and the warehouse will stop shipping on January 31. Please communicate and coordinate with the salesperson in a timely manner according to the work situation

Guangzhou Shengqi polymer materials sent a letter saying that from January 29 to February 22, the Spring Festival holiday, please do a good job in advance before and after the holiday order arrangement coating

Ningbo Yinzhou Shengbang powder sent a letter saying that it was shut down for maintenance on January, officially on February 1, and started on February 24 after the holiday. Please report the required products to the relevant business personnel in advance

Dongguan Yangting new material sent a letter saying that the Spring Festival is off from February 1 to February 20. Please pay attention to the epidemic prevention situation

Guangzhou Jingxu paint products sent a letter saying that the holiday will begin on January 31, and the film will be officially opened on February 23. The surface and inside of the film should have superior smoothness. Please plan and arrange the powder inventory in advance

Zhongshan pansen powder paint sent a letter saying that the Spring Festival holiday from February 1 to February 28 will be held, and the company will officially go to work on March 1. Please inform the company before January 25 when preparing goods

Zhongshan Decai Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. sent a letter saying that it will be on holiday from January 25 to February 28, and the construction will officially start on February 29. Please make inventory preparations as soon as possible

Dongguan Moneng chemical sent a letter saying that it is a holiday from February 1 to February 21, and it will officially go to work on February 22. During the holiday, the company's daily affairs will be suspended. Please make an inventory plan in advance

the high level of chemical raw materials fell, with a reduction of more than 1000 yuan/ton.

it was learned that the price of neopentyl glycol fell rapidly recently. On the 24th, the quotation of neopentyl glycol in North China, East China and South China of Wanhua chemical was 12200 yuan/ton, 12300 yuan/ton and 12400 yuan/ton respectively, down 2000 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month. Industry insiders said that the order receiving situation of terminal polyester resin factories was slightly different, and most factories had shutdown expectations, and the demand for neopentyl glycol contracted. The downstream is reluctant to stock up, and the overall construction in the downstream is gradually reduced near the end of the month. The buying atmosphere in the market is about to enter a flat state. The factory is not able to receive orders, and the construction also has a decline

the downstream market is difficult to predict, and the superimposed chemical market is unpredictable. Under the increasingly severe situation of the epidemic, the high level of some chemical products fell back, which is quite a "pause" trend

trichloromethane fell by 20.55%, and the downstream support was insufficient

on the 24th, the quotation of trichloromethane was 2900 yuan/ton, down 750 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, down 20.55%. At present, the market is dominated by shock adjustment, and the trading and investment situation in the industry is general. Enterprises start to reduce their burdens, inventories are low, and the overall purchasing demand in the downstream market is flat, which is insufficient to support the market

butadiene fell by 20.20%. Low price news occurred frequently.

on the 24th, the quotation of butadiene was 6185.56 yuan/ton, down 1565.55 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, down 20.20%. During the week, supported by the continuous pre holiday replenishment of the northern downstream, the merchants' intention to support the price was obvious. However, as the external market continued to fall, and there was no lack of low price news, the internal and external competitive pressure dragged down the mentality of the industry. In addition, Sinopec's price reduction led to an increasingly cautious downstream inquiry mentality, slightly deserted market trading, and the market atmosphere continued to weaken

LNG fell by 15.09%, and the support of demand fell

on the 24th, the quotation of LNG was 4556.67 yuan/ton, down 810 yuan/ton from the beginning of the previous week. The decrease was 15.09%. The price of liquefied natural gas fell in many places. The price of liquefied natural gas in Inner Mongolia fell mostly by yuan, that in Shaanxi fell mostly by yuan, that in Ningxia fell by 200 yuan, and that in Hebei fell by 300 yuan. The price of liquefied natural gas in many places fell centrally. Recently, the temperature is higher than before. At the same time, some areas have been shut down and stopped production due to repeated public health events, and the support of the demand side has begun to decline. In addition, the liquid price in the early stage remains high, and the downstream resistance is strong. There is a certain pressure on manufacturers to ship. The overall trading atmosphere in the market has begun to weaken, and the high price has fallen

butanone fell by 9.73%, terminal operating rate fell, and inventory pressure was high

on the 24th, the market price of butanone was 6800 yuan/ton, down 733.33 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, down 9.73%. After new year's day, the overall trading atmosphere in China's domestic butanone market was cold, the phased procurement in the downstream of butanone before the festival ended, the shipment in the secondary market was slow, there were few new orders, the operating rate of the downstream terminal manufacturing industry of butanone continued to decline, the demand was weak, and the overall inventory pressure of the factory was large. Since 2021, the domestic butanone market has not yet shown signs of recovery, and it is expected that the butanone market will continue to be weak and stable in the short term without increasing downstream demand

n-butanol fell by 9.67%, Wanhua chemical reduced by nearly 1000 yuan/ton

on the 24th, the quotation of n-butanol was 8100 yuan/ton, down 866.67 yuan/ton compared with the quotation at the beginning of the month, down 9.67%, Wanhua chemical n-butanol was quoted 8200 yuan/ton in North China, down 700 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the month, 8600 yuan/ton in East China, down 700 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the month, and 8500 yuan/ton in South China, down 900 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the month

hydrogen peroxide "diving", down 8.66%, falling endlessly

after new year's day, the hydrogen peroxide market started diving, and the price fell endlessly. As of the 24th, the mainstream quotation of hydrogen peroxide has fallen to 1300 yuan/ton, down 123.33 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, down 8.66%. In January, the terminal demand turned weak, and the paper industry and caprolactam manufacturers stopped for maintenance one after another. In addition, the logistics in Hebei was limited, and the demand for hydrogen peroxide shrank significantly. Recently, China began to dive from the high platform with the guidance of the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development

propane fell by 6.58%, falling below the "5000 yuan/ton" level

the propane quotation was 4717.5 yuan/ton, falling below the 5000 yuan/ton level, down 332.5 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week, a decrease of 6.58%. Affected by the decline of international crude oil, the bad market mentality and some low-cost goods sources in the port have a certain impact on the market. In addition, due to the impact of public health events in the north, the traffic is blocked, and the market demand has weakened. In addition, the price rose too fast in the early stage, the resistance in the downstream increased, the mentality was cautious, and the enthusiasm to enter the market was not high. The manufacturer's shipment is blocked, the inventory is gradually accumulated, the price is frequently reduced, and the profit is mainly delivered

propylene oxide fell by 6.27%, down 1200 yuan/ton

on the 24th, propylene oxide quoted 17933.33 yuan/ton, down 1200 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week, down 6.27%. Wanhua chemical quoted 18400 yuan/ton on the 24th, down 1000 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week. Entering the lunar new year, logistics and terminal holiday arrangements have been announced, and huanc ushered in a callback market. With the resumption of production of Jinling Huntsman plant in late December 2020 and the lifting of restrictions in the north at the end of the month, the start-up of the domestic propylene oxide industry recovered to more than 84%. In January 2021, the construction of domestic environmental protection and construction projects reached a high level of 86% - 88%. The middle and lower reaches of the factory focused on putting pressure on Shandong factory to achieve an "unexpected" first decline, which was briefly repaired at the weekend. On January 18, the downstream pressed again to achieve an "ideal" decline of 400 yuan/ton, which was predicted by the agency. This week, on behalf of the fact that the factory's physical inventory was not much, and there was an increase in polyether orders on Thursday and Friday, the total decline was 2100 yuan/ton in five adjustments in six working days

epichlorohydrin fell by 4.53%, and the shipping pressure increased

on the 24th, the quotation of epichlorohydrin was 11933.33 yuan/ton, down 566.67 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, a decrease of 4.53%. Recently, the epichlorohydrin market is weak, the market supply is sufficient, but the demand is weak, the shipment pressure of the cargo holders increases, the downstream procurement is light, and the price of epichlorohydrin basically tends to be purchased at a low price, and the price of epichlorohydrin drops

isooctanol fell by 4.19%, and downstream do Jinan assay spring support and hanger testing machine p purchasing enthusiasm weakened

on the 24th, Shandong region quoted 10300.00 yuan/ton of isooctanol, down 450 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week, down 4.19%. Jianlan Chemical Co., Ltd. offered isooctanol at 10000 yuan/ton, down 600 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week; The quotation of lihuayi isooctanol was 9900 yuan/ton, down 750 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week. After being transmitted to the downstream, the ex factory price of DOP fell slightly this week. The DOP quotation was 9425.00 yuan/ton, down 825 yuan/ton or 8.05% from the beginning of the month, and the enthusiasm for purchasing isooctanol was weakened

the price of silicone fell by 3.97%, and some enterprises fell below the 20000 yuan/ton mark

on the 24th, the quotation of silicone was 20966.67 yuan/ton, down 866.66 yuan/ton from the quotation at the beginning of the month, a decrease of 3.97%. Shandong Luxi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has an annual capacity of 80000 tons of organosilicon monomer, and DMC has tentatively offered yuan/ton for specific negotiations

when it comes to the reasons for the recent price "plunge", many enterprises have the same caliber, saying that it is caused by "downstream weakness". In late January, the rise of some chemicals was under pressure, and the power was insufficient. Downstream terminal demand has shrunk significantly, and prices have begun to plunge from high to low. Some chemical enterprises have smooth shipments and tight spot, but most of them are dealing with customers who have delivered orders in the early stage, and the overall weak and stable operation. It is still about half a month before the Spring Festival holiday, but the coating, chemical and other industries have begun to put an end to it. Some enterprises have even suspended receiving orders and shipping, and no longer deal with daily matters. Waiting for the Spring Festival holiday, downstream demand has weakened, and chemical enterprises still have inventory demand, which may continue to decline slightly in the short term

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