The hottest fake wine uses real code. Real wine is

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The fake wine uses the real code. The real wine is pasted with the "water" logo

the anti-counterfeiting code on the outer packing box is obviously true, but the wine inside is fake; The anti-counterfeiting logo will rot as soon as it is scraped, and the wine with the "water" logo is authentic. On the 24th, Wuhan industrial and commercial law enforcement officials introduced the "strange things" they have encountered in the process of troubleshooting and cracking down on counterfeits these days

at No. 47 hejiazui, Hanyang, law enforcement officers seized more than 780 bottles of counterfeit Jiannanchun and other 14 brands of wine. Surprisingly, these fake wines are pasted with anti-counterfeiting codes, and a group of Arabic numerals are exposed by scraping with your hand. Query found that many codes are true

at the same time, a batch of authentic "Baiyun Bian" liquor was almost investigated and dealt with as fake liquor by Hongshan Industrial and commercial bureau, because the quality of the anti-counterfeiting code of this batch of liquor was too "watery", and it would rot if scraped. After the identification of the manufacturer, the wine is really authentic. The manufacturer explained that due to the recent surge in sales and the printing technology did not keep up, the code was very easy to scratch

it is reported that at present, in addition to the anti-counterfeiting code pasted on the bottle mouth, a large number of wine codes are still pasted on the outer packaging box, which gives counterfeiters a way to take advantage of the external circulation. When the constant temperature liquid in the tank is led out, the outer packaging box that has not been damaged with the anti-counterfeiting code can be recycled, and then loaded with fake wine to deceive consumers

businessmen remind consumers to tear up the anti-counterfeiting code and the box when drinking. It is best to open the box when drinking in the hotel. If you don't check 1. Power wiring, please scrape off the code, so as not to flow out and harm people

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