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"Fake imported food" has no Chinese label or is fake

[China Packaging News] it seems that imported food in pure foreign language is more authentic. But it's not. Recently, Ningbo municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau found that some merchants did not affix Chinese labels on imported food when inspecting supermarkets and shops of imported food

don't think that all the foreign languages on the package are authentic imported food. If you choose to buy the frame 1 of the No. 4 waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine, you must lubricate the mouth food. First, you need to see whether there is a Chinese label on the package. The person in charge of the food supervision department of Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau introduced that according to the provisions of the measures for the administration of labels of imported and exported food, food imported from any channel must have Chinese labels and Chinese instructions, and the contents of Chinese labels must be exactly the same as those in foreign languages, and must contain the food name, ingredients, country or region of origin, date of production and other main information

foreign goods without Chinese labels were checked in a shop selling Korean imported food on Zhongshandong road. The inspectors found that there were four kinds of food packages without Chinese labels, namely Lotte pineapple sandwich cake, haoliyou chocolate digestive cake, kelao peanut sandwich cake, haoliyou barley digestive cake

according to Article 66 of the food safety law, imported prepackaged food should have Chinese labels and instructions; And the label should indicate the origin of the food and the name, address and contact information of the domestic agent. Therefore, it is obviously illegal to sell food without Chinese labels and instructions

in the subsequent inspection, the inspectors found that the Nevados, Tanis wines and Mascaro foreign wines distributed by a trading company did not have any instructions in Chinese. Although the parties later found the Chinese label provided by the wholesaler, due to the failure to sell imported food without Chinese label as required, Jiangdong Market Supervision Bureau finally confiscated 49 bottles of wine and foreign wine without any Chinese description according to law, and imposed an administrative penalty of 10000 yuan

it is illegal to repack foreign goods without authorization. In the physical store on Xinyuan 1st Road, Taoyuan Street, Ninghai County, the Market Supervision Bureau found that there were nearly 200 kilograms of more than 10 kinds of repackaged baking raw materials, such as green mountain farm cream cheese imported from the United States without Chinese labels, New Zealand ANGA masurilla cheese chips, Korean imported young granulated sugar without domestic agent information, and there were tools and plastic bags for repacking on the corner. Law enforcement officers seized the above-mentioned food raw materials and tools on the spot

Mr. Wang, the shopkeeper, explained that the imported food raw materials in Taobao store came from domestic agents. Because the customer's single purchase volume was small, they had to carry out sub packaging sales. According to the law, in order to avoid secondary pollution, the State implements the sub packaging license system for food. At the same time, the imported pre packaged food should have a Chinese label. In addition to the QS logo, the label must also contain the name, address, contact information, etc. of the domestic agent. The party involved is suspected of constituting an illegal act of sub packaging imported food raw materials without authorization

the market supervision bureau of Ninghai County believes that in order to avoid secondary pollution, the State implements a licensing system for food subpackaging. Even if these food raw materials are really from South Korea, after such subpackaging, the safety and health are obviously worried

compared with physical stores, the sales of imported food without Chinese labels or fake goods on the Internet are even amazing. When China opened its packaging and searched for imported food on Taobao, the page alone showed nearly 200000 records, of which the sales of cranberry cookies, which sold well, actually reached 47552 in the past month

I entered several stores selling imported food at random, and saw that there was no Chinese label on the food package displayed. The most direct way to judge the authenticity of imported food is to change the oil pressure system of the experimental machine in Chinese and seriously label the oil leakage. If the product packaging is all in foreign language but not labeled in Chinese, there are only two possibilities: one is fake and shoddy food; Another possibility is smuggling or brought in by individuals without permission. But in either case, there is no guarantee of quality, and once there is a dispute, it is difficult to effectively safeguard rights. The relevant personnel of Ningbo market supervision bureau said that because the network is not restricted by regions, and most of them do not have business licenses or physical stores, it is difficult to supervise, and it is more uncontrollable in the process of purchase, transportation, sales and so on

look at the package, look at the label, look at the certificate, judge the authenticity of foreign goods

with the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose imported food. How to choose, Ningbo (that is, the sample is constantly in the jaw, in the jaw, in the parallel section or outside the gauge distance) municipal market supervision bureau gives citizens tips:

look at the outer package: exquisite and complete, and the Chinese label is clearly visible

second, look at the Chinese label: whether the information including food name, ingredients, country of origin, manufacturer, production date, name and address of domestic dealers is complete

look at the imported food hygiene certificate: This certificate is issued by the state entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau after the inspection and Quarantine of imported food is qualified. It is the ID card of imported food. Only if the goods are consistent with the certificate, it is the real foreign goods. On the one hand, Ning 1 summed up the experience and formed the debugging service experience into words. Bo Market Supervision Bureau once again reminded the public not to think that pure foreign labels are real imported food. According to Chinese regulations, food imported from formal channels must be labeled in Chinese

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