After the hottest month, the domestic chemical mar

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5. After June, the domestic chemical industry market will be in a relatively stable situation

industry experts pointed out that since the current oil price in the international market is still high, the price of petrochemical products

is only an adjustment, and it is unlikely to continue to decline significantly. It is estimated that the market will be in a relatively stable situation after May and June

in the middle and late April, the situation of the entire domestic chemical market has undergone fundamental changes, such as the market of plastic, organic chemical raw materials and natural rubber, which were once in a state of rapid rise in medical test tubes, valve packaging, covers and seals, has changed from rise to fall, and the plastic extruder industry in China is moving towards a healthy and sustainable market in many major varieties

cities. The entry price has fallen again and again. Experts believe that this reflects that the price rise in the early stage is too rapid and the actual bearing capacity of the market is weak. Some insiders also believe that the conditions for a comprehensive rebound in the market in line with the national experimental motor gas standard are still insufficient. In the past two weeks, the prices of most chemical products in the domestic market have been reduced. Therefore, the mentality of "buying up but not buying down" in the market has become more and more obvious, and the trading atmosphere is extremely low. This feature is obvious in the markets of Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Wuhan

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