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The falling flowers are intentional and the flowing water is ruthless -- see how master Shi continues his mental journey in the paint industry

Shi Sheng; Native to Yunnan, born in Inner Mongolia; Go to the mountains and the countryside, and return to the city after examination; He teaches in universities and goes into business. From 1994 to 2002, he worked in the sales of China Resources Coatings, and together with Guo Sheng, he created a myth that the sales of wood paint was more than one billion. Later, he worked in Changshi, meitushi, garberry and ICI respectively. He has a nickname in the paint industry - old man

there are not many talented people in China's civil coating industry. According to the principle that there is no distinction between selection and ranking, it is natural for Mr. Shi to be shortlisted

In 1994, like Guo Sheng, Shi Sheng also gave up his position as a lecturer. Inspired by Xiaoping's speech on his southern tour, he went south with full blood and joined China Resources paint, which was only a small private factory at that time. He was reused and became one of the early professional managers of China resources. With his own quality and talent, as well as high-speed growth opportunities in the industry, he assisted Guo Sheng to dance in China Resources, creating an annual sales of China Resources wood paint of more than one billion

just like Guo Sheng, Shi Sheng has also been favored by other excellent local enterprises in China's paint market, such as Changshi, metox, garberry, etc., due to his great achievements in China Resources. Based on the strategic adjustment and personnel changes of China Resources, Shi Sheng successively switched to the above-mentioned private enterprises and continued to be entrusted with important tasks, but his heels never settled down, and each family stayed for a few days and went away on their own. Among them, the shortest number is garberry. In less than a month, it is said that a penny was also confiscated. Even though it gave a wonderful internal training to the company's marketing personnel the night before leaving, it still fell into the stigma of "coming here to provide for the elderly"

however, when people in the industry were worried about his future and executives of well-known local enterprises disliked him for being old, Shi Sheng unexpectedly took up the post of wood lacquer manager of ICI China in the second half of 2007. But maybe god played a trick on people. Shi Sheng's trip is still good, and it's not long again

the development of history has proved that honest people do not suffer losses after all, and it is reliable that evil prevails over right. But many of us do not understand that this proposition has a prerequisite - time. In this world, unexpected things always happen, because history is not only tortuous, but also sometimes retrogressive. When everything seems to be going well, it is prone to major changes. Like Shi Sheng, it happened that several times when everything seemed to be going well, there were unexpected major changes, and then became the opponent of time

according to the rumor, when Shi Sheng was in charge of ICI wood lacquer, he lived up to his mission. He not only achieved a sales growth of 45%, but also launched a new product system in early 2008, which also contributed to the establishment of ICI service center system to a certain extent. However, since ICI was officially acquired by Akzo due to a more ambitious strategic adjustment, ICI's personnel changes began to be extremely frequent. Shi Sheng, as ICI's wood lacquer manager in China, was not spared even though he made great achievements. Of course, there are rumors that he retreated in a hurry. However, in any case, this professional manager with China Resources background and having been to other well-known local coating companies for several times, as before, once again hurriedly ended his executive career in the multinational coating company ICI

II. Hua weilao

compared with Shi Sheng's data performance in China Resources and ICI, what really let us experience Shi Sheng's powerful sword is his article "three debates on Shunde paint" (also known as "layman's theory of business - thinking about Shunde paint"). Shi Sheng not only made a comprehensive interpretation of the operation of the enterprise at the three levels of engagement, people and heart, It also gives the ultimate reason for controlling the development of enterprises - "all from the heart"

from this article, we can see that Shi Sheng has a deep understanding of Shunde paint, rich industry experience and profound Chinese culture foundation. Looking at the industry articles, according to my humble opinion, this article has the style of "no one before and no one after" in the industry. It is also because of this that even our noble disciples spontaneously respect Shi Sheng

at the year-end appreciation meeting of China paint news in early 2007, I met Shi Sheng for the first time. Perhaps because of the age gap between us, the old man gave me the feeling that pride outweighed pride, and vicissitudes outweighed emotion. When appreciating his brilliant thought of "paint three debates", I seem to deeply feel his "lack of essence". It can be imagined that the experience of these years, his heart is how suffering, his heart is how bumpy

the so-called ox people are on the water side, but the Jianghu is like a camp, and the ox people are like soldiers. Today's professional managers are like puppets on the stage, trying to perform after the curtain call, and then embark on another stage to continue performing, so back and forth. I think Shi Sheng is tired of this. Anyone who has really been in contact with the old man can understand how small the short-term benefits are for him, and there is another solution to the business - it all comes from the heart

an industry person familiar with Shi Sheng once said that the old man always felt that he was not successful, and his northerner character would make him never admit defeat - continue to "preach, teach and dispel doubts" for China's paint industry. As a result, we saw him play a special role in the 2008 forum of China paint news, saw his new "Qinglin tea language" column (also once blogged), and entered the profession of independent consultants

everyone who knows Shi Sheng knows that what he is looking for is not paint and the paint industry at all, but his heart - an indelible character full of experience and dedication to doing business. Therefore, he began to think about the human heart from a philosophical point of view in a casual manner. When it comes to leisure, many people may think it inappropriate, but it is indeed the state that people of insight really pursue, and it is also recognized by economists as the greatest wealth in one's life

third, water is merciless

if justice and morality are worthy of admiration and worship, and then fill in the sand to fix the nine taps, but they can't be used as food, clothes, and even more can't control the enterprise. Dow's article is interesting, but it can't solve the real problem. Moreover, enterprises are like the imperial court. In this place, everything will be lacking, that is, there will never be a lack of rivals, even if you are in a high position and sweep the world. I think the old man naturally understands this truth

since coming out of China Resources, Shi Sheng has experienced many vicissitudes and ups and downs in recent years. Sigh that our greatest wealth in this life may not be how successful we are, but our age. People often say that being young means having capital, and no one can refuse to be old, and that society can't change too fast. That's what they say. Although we have a tradition of respecting the elderly and the virtuous, the most important thing is to face up to our virtuous people - not to refuse to accept the old, let alone rely on the old to sell the old

Shi Sheng is a scholar, who has always adhered to his inherent principles and beliefs, so it feels like he will always suffer immediate losses, although in the eyes of many successful people, adhering to principles and not suffering immediate losses are not in conflict at all. Since ancient times, scholars have been roughly divided into two kinds, one is called literati, the other is called scholar. The fault of literati is that "literati despise each other". The specific characteristics are relatively shameless and inferiority complex. Hello, he says bad, you can do it, he says no, and he is timid. He swears at ordinary times, and retracts his head when he meets someone who is serious. It is quite nonsense. The problem of scholars is "impulsive", which is manifested in two stalks plus one tendon, good is good, bad is bad, recognize the reason of death, usually don't cause trouble, don't be afraid of death when things come, and feel depressed and frustrated when nothing happens. According to this view, Shi Sheng should belong to the latter kind of scholars with noble character and ambition

most scholars hope to display their ambitions one day. As mentioned above, enterprises are like the imperial court, which is mainly supported by two types of scholars - politicians and bureaucrats. In essence, these two kinds of people are the same species - everyone is mixed, pretending to be a grandson first and then a grandfather, half a kilo to eight Liang. But the problem is that politicians are idealists. After mixing out, they have to work to realize their ambitions. Bureaucrats, on the other hand, are pragmatists, seeking to ensure their position first - do what they are capable of and mix what they can't catch up with. Therefore, politicians are actually bureaucrats, but bureaucrats are not necessarily politicians; A politician should be able to work by quickly laying it into an ideal three-dimensional shape. Mixing is only his means, doing is his purpose, and bureaucrats should be able to mix. In contrast, Shi Sheng, we can draw another conclusion - the old man hopes to become a politician who doesn't need to be confused at all in the court

in fact, a person's life is all about playing a game with his surroundings. But the highest skill in this game is not to kill each other at all, but compromise - brave and active compromise. If everything goes too far, fate will end early. Most of the time, the reason why we fail is that we are too powerful and destroy the evolutionary rules of nature, or think we are powerful

falling flowers are deliberately ruthless. I had hoped that one day Shi Sheng would ask for advice, but after meeting face to face, I finally gave up in the way of inner emotion. This is probably just because of one truth - it is difficult for us to change successful people, but we can influence and change underage children

IV. where is the heart?

previously, it was said that Shi Sheng began to think about human heart from a philosophical perspective in a casual manner. But the first question is - where is the human heart

we can say that we are attentive every day, but few people may be able to answer the question of where the heart is. In the brain? Obviously not, because that's the organ where people think. In the heart? It's also wrong, because the heart is only the power center of human blood supply. The modern Chinese dictionary explains "heart" -- "habitually refers to the organ of thought and thoughts, feelings, etc.". Note that it refers to the organ of thought, or the thought itself, and especially adds "habit". We often refer to "enthusiasm, intention, mood, wish, heart to heart, heart to heart connection" in daily life, which often refers to emotion, while "determination, intention, concentration, perseverance, wholeheartedness" refers to human non intellectual ability factors. And "to enrich the loose space of life and show its use is for the heart." This sentence seems to say more about the heart, which is very interesting and spiritual, but not everyone can understand its philosophical meaning

the meanings of the heart may be completely different, so the discussion of the heart based on different meanings (definitions) naturally becomes "you hit your Gong, I hit my drum". People's mood is difficult to ponder and understand. Different mood, even if the same thing, views are very different. Even if it's a bad thing, you can also think about the good, which can also adjust your mood. Chekov, a famous Russian writer, has written articles with similar meanings. I remember some statements: if you accidentally cut your finger, you can say to yourself, "it's OK, there's no handle

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