The hottest fan may usher in the era of high tower

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Wind turbines may usher in the era of "high towers"

Abstract: by 2020, the new and installed capacity of onshore wind power in the central and southern regions will reach more than 42million kW, and the cumulative and installed capacity will reach more than 70million kW. Therefore, some insiders pointed out that the "blue ocean" of low wind speed in China has arrived

recently, the National Energy Administration officially issued the 13th five year plan for wind power development. Through combing, we found that the "plan" is a frequent highlight. Among them, the plan has further optimized the layout of China's future wind power construction compared with the past: by 2020, the new combined installed capacity of onshore wind power in the Middle East and southern regions will reach more than 42million kW, and the cumulative combined installed capacity will reach more than 70million kW. Therefore, some insiders pointed out that the "blue ocean" of low wind speed in China has arrived

wind power "eastward" has become an inevitable choice

relevant data show that from January to September this year, 39.47 billion kwh of wind power was discarded in China; The average wind abandonment rate is 19%, which is lower than the average level in the first half of this year, but the situation in the second half of this year is still grim

in terms of regions, the wind abandonment rates in Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Gansu and Xinjiang reached 23%, 34%, 46% and 41% respectively, all higher than the national average. On the contrary, the hourly utilization of wind power in Sichuan, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan and other provinces exceeded the 1600 hour mark, and Yunnan topped the list, reaching 1712 hours, 842 hours higher than the lowest level in the country

it is noteworthy that this plan has significantly improved the development indicators of the above areas. In the view of insiders, the Middle East and southern regions are close to China's economic center, which can realize the local consumption of wind power. The problem of abandoning wind power and limiting power is not obvious. In the future, the low wind speed region in the Middle East will become the main battlefield of China's wind power development

wind turbines or enter the era of "high towers" to evaluate the straw carrying capacity of crops

for the Middle East and south where the average annual wind power is less than 6.5 meters per second (70 meters high), how to strive to improve the utilization rate of relatively low-speed wind energy has become one of the most concerned topics in the industry. Industry insiders said that in low wind speed areas, increasing the fan blade length and lifting the tower height has become the best choice to make better use of wind resources and increase power generation

"low wind speed is the most concerned about the definition. 6 m/s or 5 m/S is the low wind speed. In 2011, 6 m/s has entered the low wind speed, and its risk is greater. It is more and more difficult to achieve the desired profit margin. Air density cannot be ignored. The impact of air density on performance, facing various problems, we need to find a balance point, that is, the balance point between performance and cost." At the just concluded 2016 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition, Wu invent, a senior engineer of the wind power division of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., revealed that the company had carried out a series of relevant research on air density, annual average wind speed and turbulence intensity

in Wu's view, in order to truly make low wind speed wind farms have investment value, it is necessary to analyze the refined return on investment of low wind speed wind farms by general waste plastic recycling, which can be divided into simple recycling and composite recycling. As a system solution provider, the focus is to reduce the construction and operation and maintenance costs and improve the yield of wind farms. Build a refined return investment model for wind farms, establish complex constraints based on the current sensitivity database, and adopt multi-objective comprehensive optimization and precise constraint algorithm to achieve the maximum return of low wind speed wind farms

this view coincides with Wang Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of vision energy. In Wang Xiaoyu's view, the current technological change has become the hope and driving force to promote the development of the entire wind power industry

as for the development of low wind speed, Wang Xiaoyu believes that a large number of experienced manufacturers in the north have not realized the true "diversity" - in the complex mountainous situation in the south, it is impossible to support it with the mode of "one machine dominating the world"

"In this case, how to support multi complexity scenarios requires different products. When so many products are delivered in a year, how to ensure the system and deliver them in a timely and rapid manner is the background of platform technology needs. The impact of complex mountains on the load means that we must be able to provide diversified products without human will. Just like general comfortable cars driving on mountain roads and off-road vehicles In fact, it is not appropriate to open congested urban roads. " Wang Xiaoyu thinks. In addition, according to Wang Xiaoyu, at present, the high tower technology has become one of the important technologies that have attracted much attention in the market

it is understood that at present, the technical route of high tower in China is roughly divided into all steel flexible tower and concrete steel mixed tower. The former is famous for its low cost, convenient transportation and efficient hoisting. In contrast, the design of the latter is relatively simple, but it is constrained by many factors such as complex construction technology and high price, which greatly delays the maturity of the technical route. It is noteworthy that at present, vision has been applied in a batch of practical projects in China, "12 experimental force x value range: 20n x 10kN; 0m all steel flexible tower technology"

"Yuanjing has two wind farms of 100000 kW, and all of them have been combined for power generation in October. On this basis, the prototype of Yuanjing 120 meter high tower has been put into trial use, which has important commercial technology. In fact, the concrete tower is facing great challenges. At present, a mature industrial environment has not been formed, and the functions and functions of metal tensile testing machine have not been formed: computer display shows the experimental process in the whole process, curve industry standards, proven staff management, and Its construction period is also relatively long. At present, some domestic companies have begun to gradually adjust the scheme to the all steel flexible tower. This scheme can carry out very fast hoisting. For example, in Jiangsu Guoxin, six sets can be hoisted a week, but the biggest challenge is the core control technology. A person who walks on stilts cannot do it without training. The frequency of concrete tower is very high, and the 60 meter control technology can still be put into 120 meters, which also opens up a new blue ocean for China's low wind speed market. " Wang Xiaoyu said so

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