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The famous brand "waistcoat" is casually changed into a small paint workshop to make famous brand paint

house painting. The price of a barrel of paint ranges from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan, but when you paint your own house, someone suddenly told you that the so-called famous brand paint is actually made locally. How would you feel? On April 10, according to informed sources, there was a paint processing workshop on jiaojiawan 64, and all the products produced were "brand paints" at home and abroad. Therefore, I went to the field to make an unannounced visit and found that the cost of a barrel of paint that seemed to be very expensive was no more than 30 yuan

secret interview: small workshops make famous brand paint

recently, Mr. Cao reported to this newspaper that he bought nearly 1000 yuan of Nippon Paint when painting his new house, but after half of the house was painted, the painter told him that there was a problem with the paint, which was not the real Nippon Paint

after looking at the remaining paint of Mr. Cao, I found that the paint with Nippon Paint brand was normal. A painter present said, "this kind of paint is made locally and can be bought for more than ten yuan." After asking Mr. Cao where he bought these paints, Mr. Cao said, "this is what a friend of mine bought for me near jiaojiawan." After many inquiries, I learned that there is a processing workshop in the west of jiaojiawan bridge, from which a lot of paint on the market flows out

after knowing the general location of the paint workshop, they visited jiaojiawan one by one. After nearly two hours' visit, this paint processing workshop was found in a courtyard at No. 64 jiaojiawan. Then, disguised to buy paint, walked into the workshop

as soon as I entered the courtyard, I saw that there were several waste purchase points in the courtyard. In the innermost part of the yard, I saw several workers loading barrels of paint onto a minivan. A worker loading welding procedure qualification and welder examination goods suddenly put down the paint barrel in his hand and shouted, "what are you doing?" I was shocked by the roar. Immediately, calm down, confident enough to say to the workers: "we buy paint, much more, let your boss out." The "hot tempered" worker came forward, looked at it first, and asked again in a provocative tone, "how much is it? It's too little. We don't sell it." Immediately told him: "we are contracted for the project, at least 100 barrels." After hearing that he wanted to buy 100 barrels, the owner of the paint workshop came out of the house

boss: "how many barrels do you want?"

: "100 barrels." Boss: "paint, wall paint or putty powder?"

: "paint first, others first."

we can see that the barrels of paint stacked in the yard are all in white plastic barrels without any manufacturer's logo on them

: "what brand of paint are you?"

boss: "the manufacturer can test samples that are very close to the final product. It depends on what brand you want."

then offered to look at the packaging, and the boss took it to the house on the side of the yard. In a narrow bungalow, the workshop owner picked up an iron bucket of Nippon Paint on the ground and asked, "is this brand OK?" Again, is there any other brand. The boss answered straightforwardly. It can be made into any other brand. After discussing the brand, start to discuss the price with the boss

: "how much do you sell this barrel?"

boss: "what is not packed in this plastic bucket is 15 yuan a bucket. If you want an iron bucket with brand packaging, you can add another 15 yuan."

: "can't you see it outside?"

boss: "absolutely no problem. You can take it out and report 60 or 70 yuan. It's the same when you open it."

in the whole process of understanding, I carefully checked the environment of this workshop. The production tools of its paint production are only two large mixing barrels, and some of the finished products are filled in plastic barrels. In order not to be suspicious, the boss also asked me to check some newly made paint, and said, "you can rest assured that the sample length is more than 2450mm. The quality of your goods is absolutely guaranteed, and your leaders will not see the problem." Then, ask the boss if he can see the business license. The boss smiled and said, "what we do is a formal business. How can we do without business procedures?" But in the whole process, there was no relevant certificate in the obvious position of the workshop

investigation and treatment: there were various "vests" in the warehouse at about 1:00 p.m., and they reported to the relevant departments. After receiving the report, the law enforcement officers of the Inspection Brigade of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision rushed to No. 64 jiaojiawan to inspect the paint processing workshop according to law. When the vehicles of law enforcement officers drove into the courtyard, the minivan and workers who were still loading paint had long disappeared, leaving only a woman and a young man. After the law enforcement officers showed the relevant documents, the women and young men who claimed to be workers have always argued that they were doing legitimate business and had nothing to check, and have always prevented the law enforcement officers from entering the warehouse where the paint was stored. After a period of stalemate, the two agreed that law enforcement officers should inspect their warehouses

just as the people were about to start the examination, the woman suddenly recognized the person who had participated in the secret interview before and shouted abuse at him. When law enforcement officers found several unidentified stickers in a cabin in the warehouse and asked the two staff members about it, the two staff members did not know where they were going

then, law enforcement officers immediately began to search around the workshop, and found the woman in a small shop. When the law enforcement officer asked him to explain the origin of the label and to open the remaining two small doors in the warehouse, the woman said, "I don't know, you ask someone else." After saying that, he began to abuse and law enforcement officers again. After being questioned by law enforcement officials, the woman was impatient that the friction between engineering materials and the surface of auto parts would drop by about 3% to 5%, and said, "well, well, you can check it and seal it at will." Later, the woman opened one of the two huts. After the law enforcement officers checked it, they found no abnormality. Then, the law enforcement officer asked him to open the door of another cabin, but the woman first said she didn't have a key and couldn't open the door, and then the woman simply walked away. The law enforcement officers stopped her immediately after seeing the case. The woman vaguely told the law enforcement officers that there was a small warehouse for barrels in the house. When asked what bucket was in it, the woman was silent, and the situation was deadlocked again

seeing that the inspection was interrupted for the third time, the law enforcement officers explained their interests to them. Half an hour later, the locked door was opened. When law enforcement officers entered the hut, they found that there were various brands of paint packaging barrels piled up in the house. In the face of the facts, the woman who used to scold endlessly stopped talking. When buckets were cleared out of the hut, the woman looked sad

after on-site inspection, there are more than 150 packaging barrels of various brands stored in this cabin, including paint barrels of Nippon, Litong, cherry blossom and other major brands

when sealing up and checking these drums, the woman in the processing workshop tried to leave the scene several times to avoid inspection. But they were all blocked by law enforcement officers

afterwards, Li Ji, leader of the Inspection Brigade of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision, said in pairs, "during this inspection, non-conforming processing raw materials and more than 150 paint barrels of various brands were found, but because the filled finished fake coating was not found on the scene, the raw materials and packaging barrels found on the scene were sealed on the spot, and the case will be further investigated."

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