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Zhejiang famous carton factory "enlarged recruitment" to retain employees to "celebrate the new year in place"

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core tips: red envelopes for new year goods, fatigue damage performance research of metal rubber materials, what instruments are used to subsidize meals, take paid leave after the year, send cards... Recently, I learned from Wuyi County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, In order to retain foreign migrant workers, "the dynamometer of the original liquid pressure universal testing machine has systematically passed the annual red envelope, meal allowance, paid vacation after the year, and card delivery... Recently, it was learned from the Wuyi County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jinhua, Zhejiang province that in order to retain foreign migrant workers for the new year, many enterprises in the county have responded," enlarged recruitment "to encourage employees to stay in Wuyi for the new year. Zhejiang aishida color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., a well-known local carton factory, has also attracted widespread attention for its warm-hearted measures to stay foreign employees for the new year

"at this time in previous years, everyone has also returned home. At present, we are in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. In order to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, I hope you can stay. When the spring is warm next year, let's go back to our hometown in batches." A few days ago, Liu Panpan, manager of the human resources and Administration Department of Zhejiang aisida color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., located in Hehua Road, Baihuashan Industrial Zone, called together the front-line production staff from other provinces to understand their wishes to pay attention during the Spring Festival, and told everyone about the company's warm-hearted measures to keep staff for the new year

it is planned to increase to 160billion yuan in 2017. After listening to manager Liu, many employees said on the spot that they would stay for the new year. It is understood that Zhejiang aishida color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. has about 500 employees, with more than 85% of employees from other provinces. "At that time, we also held the attitude of trying first. I didn't expect everyone to be so awesome!" In the office, Liu Panpan pointed to the form in the computer and said happily. In order to let more people choose to stay, in addition to offline mobilization, the company also issued a "proposal for staying in Wuhan for the new year", which details the New Year gifts prepared for each employee staying in Wuhan for the new year

various warm-hearted "retention" measures have broken the "iron rule" of returning home for the Spring Festival. As of last week, 95 employees from other provinces have signed up and voluntarily stayed for the new year. "Everyone is quite willing to stay for the new year, and the number is still increasing." Liu Panpan said

"at present, the epidemic situation is still serious. It will take a long time to isolate twice. If I don't go back, I can still enjoy so many preferential treatment. There are red envelope benefits in the beginning of the new year. I decided to stay in Wuyi for a reassuring year." Liu Xun, from Hezhang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, has just finished a night shift. This is the first time in 19 years that he is preparing to spend the new year outside. "What if I miss home?" When asked this question, a few lines of shame appeared on the juvenile's immature face, "the brothers and sisters in the factory take care of me very much, and Wuyi's friends are also very warm. Here I can also feel the warmth of 'home'. Moreover, my parents also suggested that I spend the new year here, and the main material is pp/pe-td16. We often make or video calls." Liu Xun said that he liked the local conditions and customs of Wuyi and was very satisfied with his current job. Previously, he recommended his family friends to work in Wuyi

"in addition to material encouragement, the company pays more attention to humanistic care. We are going to shoot New Year videos for workers and pay New Year greetings to relatives far away." Liu Panpan said that by doing so, it can not only let the foreign workers who stay for the new year send their relatives New Year greetings with a sense of ceremony, but also let their families know that they are doing well in Wuyi

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