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Following the "industry cloud", Langchao proposed the concept of "government cloud" and was selected into Baidu Encyclopedia

recently, the government cloud proposed by Langchao was selected into Baidu Encyclopedia, which is another core concept proposed by Langchao in the field of cloud services after the industry cloud. This means that the government cloud has officially become an industry standard and has been officially recognized, which is of far-reaching significance for the future development of government informatization

with the continuous maturity of cloud computing and big data technology, purchasing cloud services, integrating IT resources and data, reducing the cost of government informatization construction, and realizing information sharing and business collaboration between departments have become a powerful means for the government to improve the informatization management level, governance ability and service level. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized in his government work report at the fourth session of the National People's Congress, which was introduced to Zhao Yu, assistant to the general manager of the 12th company, that we should promote the wide application of cloud computing, big data and IOT, vigorously promote Internet + government services, and realize data sharing among departments, so that residents and enterprises can run errands less, do things better, and do not add congestion

based on the background of the times and development needs, Inspur formally proposed the concept of government cloud, defining that government cloud is to use cloud computing technology to make overall use of existing computer rooms, computing, storage, networks, security, application support, information resources, etc., give full play to the characteristics of cloud computing virtualization, high reliability, high availability, high scalability and fast, on-demand, elastic services, and provide infrastructure, supporting software, application systems Information resources, operation guarantee, information security and other comprehensive service platforms

compared with the industry cloud proposed by the previous wave, which clearly stipulates the main responsibility concept of food enterprises and food contact material production enterprises (food related product production enterprises in the food safety law) for the compliance of food contact materials, the government affairs cloud emphasizes that it is a comprehensive service platform oriented to the government and industry, led by the government and operated by enterprises. On the one hand, it can avoid repeated construction and save construction funds, On the other hand, through unified standards, we can effectively promote the interconnection and business collaboration between government departments, avoid information islands, and promote the development and utilization of government big data, which is the basic support for mass entrepreneurship and innovation

it is understood that Baidu Encyclopedia is one of the most authoritative Chinese information collection platforms in China. It fully mobilizes the power of Internet users, actively communicates and shares, and selects high-value, highly available and highly authoritative entries to settle in. Compared with other collection systems such as Baidu Library, Baidu Encyclopedia has stricter entry requirements and a more rigorous audit process, which is why Baidu Encyclopedia is also more persuasive and authoritative. In addition, Baidu Encyclopedia can also serve as the central point of various networking platforms, and can connect networking information including social networking stations, video stations, information, related products and so on, so as to maximize the value of information

in fact, as early as at the 2015 Inspur cloud Strategy Conference, Inspur put forward the term "government cloud", proposing to focus on the government cloud market based on the unique advantages of the government sector, relying on the three core capabilities of secure cloud, industry cloud and service cloud, and proposed joint partners to provide reliable, customizable The development goal of sustainable cloud services

so far, Inspur has built four core cloud data centers in Beijing, Jinan, Chongqing, Shanghai and 27 local cloud data centers, signed strategic cooperation agreements with 89 provinces and cities across the country, and added gaskets between oil collectors and pumps to provide cloud services for 26 provincial and municipal governments such as Chongqing, Shandong, Kunming, Hohhot, and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection, and quarantine, the food and drug administration, and the General Administration of customs, Achieve the first market share of government cloud

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