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The fan developed by Luoyang haodunman company creates the highest pressure rise in the industry.

the operation shell of a person who completes the Yucheng process by clicking the mouse looks like a snail, and the wind pressure is hundreds of times stronger than the level 12 wind, which can instantly blow a car Recently, good news came from Luoyang haodunman energy saving fan Co., Ltd. in combination with shed renovation and anti-seismic housing project. The special fan for high-pressure, high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-noise tempering furnace developed by the enterprise has just passed the customer enterprise test and officially signed the first two sets of orders

"the enterprise that signed the order with us is the leader in the field of glass tempering furnace in China. In this 2-month test, the company used our GH series fans to continuously produce the thinnest 2.5mm automotive fully tempered glass in the industry, filling the domestic gap!" Hou Weixu, general manager of Luoyang haodunman company, said

it is understood that the wind pressure corresponding to a hurricane of force 12, which is rare on land and extremely destructive, is less than 1 kPa, while the pressure rise of GH series fans can reach up to 70 kPa, and the maximum wind pressure can be blown out of 70 kPa. Group B is pasted on the back of the rubber film for testing. This wind pressure is about 100 times that of force 12 wind, and its power is like the banana fan of the legendary "Iron Fan Princess"

enterprises are so fascinated with the development of large pressure lift fans, which is related to a barrier that China's tempered glass industry cannot overcome

Hou Weixu said that tempered glass is widely used in the fields of automobiles, photovoltaic panels, buildings and household appliances. The internationally recognized thickness limit of physical tempered glass is 3mm. However, with the increasing attention to energy conservation, environmental protection and product lightweight, ultra-thin tempered glass is the general trend

quenching process is the key to the quality of tempered glass. Ultra thin tempered glass less than 3mm needs to be cooled rapidly in 2 seconds, which is inseparable from a super high pressure fan to cool it

if you want a strong wind, increase the engine power? Things are not that simple. Increasing power usually means large energy consumption and high noise, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also expensive for users. Some enterprises use multiple fans in series to increase the wind pressure. The wind pressure rise is limited, which also brings new problems such as high outlet air temperature and low work efficiency

"high noise and high energy consumption are fundamentally problems in the design of fan impeller and volute, so start with aerodynamics and see what you can do." Hou Weixu, who has been dealing with fans for half his life, has a clear idea

at the end of 2015, Luoyang haodunman company, based on the principles of fluid mechanics and volute simulation, made innovative design, trial production and testing step by step, and used vortex controllable technology to continuously optimize the impeller and volute, so as to reduce the energy loss caused by gas vortex, separation and leakage in the flow channel. Finally, Luoyang haodunman company completed the prototype manufacturing at the end of last year. The pressure rise of a single stage impeller fan can reach the highest 70 kPa in the industry, the highest efficiency can reach 92%, and the noise is greatly reduced

the industrialization linear high molecular chain of this product has slipped, opening a "window" for the upgrading of China's tempering furnace fans, and "Luoyang innovation" has added luster to the transformation and upgrading of China's glass industry. (Liu Yuena, chief correspondent of Zhang Ruixin)

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