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FameView's application in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games

in 2008, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games, hosted by Beijing, China, attracted worldwide attention. They were grandly held in the bird's nest of the National Stadium, with wonderful performances, unique creativity, and magnificent paintings, bringing strong shock and beautiful enjoyment

--- the automatic control system of the stage effect and device of the opening and closing ceremony is debugged and realized by the General Armament Department of the General Staff Department. The control system is divided into four parts, namely, the overhead hanging system (Weiya), the overhead jumping system, the overhead bowl side car system, and the ground equipment system. Multiple sets of Siemens sh redundant systems are used. Huge control and scene data are processed and transmitted by multiple sets of gemeview software, which accurately and excellently completes the control task

--- after each set of control system is started, up to 8K bytes of control and scene data are continuously transmitted from the data server through the FameView configuration software through Ethernet to SH for control, so as to achieve stage effect

--- FameView configuration software provides stable and efficient API programming functions. By calling API functions, the main program of the stage conveniently and quickly sends the pre prepared control and scene data into the device data table of the configuration software in batches, rather than transmitting variables one by one, making high-speed communication possible

--- FameView configuration software uses the ordinary card of the computer, does not install SIMATIC NET, and carries out high-speed communication with SH through the built-in s7tcp driver. The future development space is huge. S7tcp driver supports batch data transmission and multi-channel parallel communication functions, so that 8K bytes of data can be communicated as many as 7 times per second, which is enough to meet the control requirements

overhead suspension system (Weiya)

a total of 31 Weiya devices were installed over the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, each including a mobile car, a sling with pulley and three hoists. The bearing steel cable system over the bird's nest is the sliding track of the car, and these steel cables crisscross East, West, North and South; When aligning, a level bar is needed. When the operator sends out various commands at the overhead console, the winch is automatically controlled to retract and release the steel wire rope, pull the trolley to move back and forth on the steel wire rope, and the pulley spreader moves up and down; In the performance of the opening ceremony, the fairies, astronauts, kite flying girls, dreamy five rings, giant paper, etc. hung in Weiya

overhead jumping system and overhead bowl side car system

100 bowl side jumping devices are set at the lower part of the bowl side of the bird's nest, each bearing 80 kg, and the lifting speed is 3 meters per second; The impact strength of PC material of 100 bowl side jumping devices is 28-35kj/m2, which can be used at the same time; At the upper part of the bowl edge of the bird's nest, there are 9 bowl side walking lifting trolleys, each of which carries 80 kg, and the lifting and walking speed is 3 meters per second. The 9 bowl side walking lifting trolleys (indicating the elongation range) can be used at the same time

ground equipment system

the ground control system is relatively complex. The scroll picture in the opening ceremony is slowly unfolded, marking China's 5000 year old civilization. All the stories are opened from that scroll, from ancient times to the four great inventions, to writing, to the changes of times, to the Silk Road, linked together, step by step, step by step, out of China's 5000 year civilization...

the central stage of the bird's nest is a lifting platform with a diameter of 20 meters, The "Earth" is hidden in the huge "pit" under the stage, and the top cover plate of the "pit" can be translated; With Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman's song rang out, and the six story "Earth" with a diameter of about 18 meters slowly rose from it; There are not only seven continents and four oceans on the "Earth", but also the same color as that on the globe. Even there are many people standing on the "Earth". These people are running constantly, and they also do difficult movements such as forward somersault and backward somersault

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