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After the golden week, home decoration companies quietly increased their prices by 10%

after the golden week, home decoration companies quietly increased their prices by 10%

October 09, 2008

[China paint information] in October, the peak decoration season came, and the once rampant decoration price increase finally came true: just after the national day, home decoration companies have been quietly raising their prices. According to people in the industry who announce potential new users almost every day, the increase has reached 10%

ansys, LS DYNA) and others have effectively predicted the generation and development law of composite laminate damage under low-speed impact

the designer of a home decoration company in Beijing revealed that some home decoration companies have increased the single decoration charge, for example, the brick laying price is about 45 yuan/square meter, but now it has risen to 50 yuan/square meter; The original price of wall paint was 38 yuan/square meter, and now the quotation is about 45 yuan/square meter. In general, the price rise of the whole project is about 10%

in addition to the blatant unit price increase, some home decoration companies also choose a more "hidden" means of price increase: adding names to raise prices in disguise. Some home decoration companies increase management fees and taxes, or increase design costs. "These items are often not the focus of consumers' attention and are less easy to be found. However, the fact that prices rise is beyond doubt." The designer said 1025 new material industry achievements

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