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The development and Countermeasures of private paper industry after WTO (Part 2)

3. Adjusting the technological structure, relying on technological progress and technological innovation, and realizing cleaner production and product upgrading are the top priorities of the private paper industry. The first is to realize cleaner production, and the second is to upgrade products. These are the two major issues that the private paper industry needs to solve before entering the WTO

3.1 rely on technological progress to optimize the production process and equipment and reduce the pollution degree of waste liquid in the production process

those with pulping production lines should first do a good job in alkali recovery, improve bleaching process and equipment, and improve the reuse rate of white water; Especially for the traditional three-stage bleaching, its wastewater is a pollution source that produces organic chlorides, dioxins and other toxic substances. The government policy has taken the limit of AOX emission index as the reference standard, and will soon be taken as the implementation standard. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the chlorine consumption in the bleaching process and adopt the chlorine free (less) bleaching technology, that is, medium concentration oxygen bleaching and medium high concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching technology; Doing a good job in white water recovery is also an effective measure to reduce the degree of pollution in the production process. Experts believe that super effective air flotation is the current advanced white water recovery technology at home and abroad, and white water multi disc filter is the key equipment of white water recovery technology. The above technologies have been successfully developed and applied in China

while paying attention to cleaner production, it is also necessary to improve the end treatment of wastewater in the middle section as soon as possible to ensure up to standard discharge. At present, some paper mills have been ordered to stop production by environmental protection law enforcement departments due to substandard discharge

3.2 relying on technological innovation, developing medium and high-end products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets

with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of the national economy, the market has higher and higher requirements for the quality of paper products. For example, in Guangdong, people's demand for toilet paper has begun to shift from low-end products to medium and high-end products; In addition, with the development of economy and trade, the requirements for packaging are higher, and low-grade corrugated paper will be gradually eliminated; Now the market pays attention to coated printing paper, such as heavy coated coated paper and light-weight coated paper, which are now more popular. It can be seen that only developing medium and high-end products can meet the needs of the market

adjusting the product structure, developing medium and high-end products requires capital and technology, process transformation, and equipment upgrading, which brings difficulties to many private paper industries, but more importantly, enterprise leaders should have determination and perseverance. Private paper industry through hard work, hard work, perseverance, rely on technology, rely on management, hard to create trump card products, so we must expand this weak signal through the amplifier, and there are countless examples

3.3 reducing production costs and maintaining low price advantage while upgrading products is one of the effective ways for private paper industry to improve competitiveness. The way to reduce costs is to improve labor productivity, reduce raw material consumption and energy consumption, and reduce waste loss through management reform and technological reform. In fact, no matter how good an enterprise is, it has potential to tap, and there is no "impeccable". For example, in terms of saving energy consumption and reducing energy costs, reference [8] (the enterprise will no longer produce metallurgical coke) lists various measures

however, management reform and technical reform should be achieved by high-quality employees. The industry mainly has the idea of "people-oriented". Although the private paper industry employees implement the contract system and appointment system, the employee mobility is still large, and the phenomenon of "only using but not teaching" is serious. Only through ideological and moral education and technical training as soon as possible, and comprehensively improve the cultural quality and technical and professional ability of paper industry employees, can we create conditions for product upgrading

4. Under the guidance of macro policies, deepening internal reform and gradually realizing modern enterprise system is the goal of private paper industry.

becoming a modern enterprise is the goal of private paper industry. Therefore, under the guidance of macro policies, deepening internal reform and gradually realizing modern enterprise system is the basic guarantee for private paper industry to become a modern enterprise. Some private paper industries have long recognized this, and after years of efforts, they have created the basic conditions to become modern enterprises. However, more private paper industries have "the boss the final say" in management. Some people think that some private enterprise owners do not trust the loyalty of talents, take the practice of short-term utilization, directly intervene in management, and have the mentality of being eager for quick success and instant benefit. They lack an effective legal environment and have peacefully become the first competitive social environment of the troubled industry. There are still difficult boundaries in social security, personnel training, management services, etc, Therefore, there are also phenomena of low management level, low quality of personnel, backward technology and ineffective information, and the short-term behavior of business strategies and means is serious. For such a private paper industry, it is particularly important to understand the modern enterprise system and gradually realize the modern enterprise system

To realize the modern enterprise system, we should deepen the reform of the internal system of the enterprise, establish a scientific management system within the enterprise, improve the supervision organization, formulate practical and feasible management rules and regulations, improve the level of scientific management, and embark on the track of self-improvement and self-development as soon as possible. According to the analysis of experts, the criteria to judge whether an enterprise has a modern enterprise system are: whether the management decision-making power is separated from the supervision power; Whether the organization management has been standardized and institutionalized; Whether the information management has been modernized; Whether the enterprise has the mechanism of technological innovation; Whether the enterprise is both a legal entity and a competitive subject; Whether the enterprise has joined the socialized and professional cooperation system in its operation, and does not engage in "lone combat"

no matter what stage the private paper industry has developed, managers often compare the above six standards and gradually realize these. Thanks to the joint construction of the "one belt and one road" standard between the two countries, it will promote the continuous development of the private paper industry

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