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The development and application prospect of self-adhesive labels in the daily chemical industry

the growth of the national economy, the change of consumer packaging concept and technological innovation have brought great development to China's self-adhesive label market. The following is a brief analysis of the self-adhesive application in the daily chemical industry, so it does not take up the beat time

1. Outstanding shelf effect

in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the daily chemical industry has developed rapidly. Traditional counter sales have completely changed to shelf sales. More stores, supermarkets and convenience stores have sprung up, and consumers are directly facing a wide range of shelves. Therefore, the "shelf effect" is particularly prominent. According to a survey abroad, nearly 80% of consumers have random buying behavior, that is, they will not make a clear shopping list or designated brands before shopping. Therefore, whether products can attract eyeballs with beautiful and unique packaging and stand out from the dazzling shelves has also become the key to whether they can finally win the favor of consumers and be placed in the shopping basket. Therefore, Label has become the most important expression of the outer packaging of daily chemical products. Taking self-adhesive as a label can better reflect the requirements of exquisite labels than other methods

2. Labels change with products

the development of labels in the daily chemical industry is closely related to the development of various daily chemical products. With the continuous innovation of daily chemical products such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and softener, more matching packaging forms will appear, and the use of labels will naturally increase significantly

3. the revolution of bottle body

the early iron can packaging was very "cold" and very stiff. Today's bottle body tends to be more transparent, soft and extrusion resistant, but also endowed with more humanized design. These require the use of self-adhesive labels of various materials to better combine with the bottle body and obtain a delicate and beautiful overall effect

4. Local procurement of multinational corporations

with more multinational enterprises entering the Chinese market to participate in competition and the local implementation of their globalization strategy, many products and labels will be transferred from the original procurement in the United States or Europe to China, and multinational enterprises will focus on China in the whole Asia Pacific region and even the world. This not only brings opportunities to China's daily chemical label market, but also has a great demonstration effect on China's own brands. It also urges the printing enterprises in the industry to improve their own quality and service level, constantly carry out technological innovation and keep up with the trend

the competitive advantage of the main domestic enterprises of self-adhesive materials used in the daily chemical industry is gradually disappearing into paper and film. Generally, the self-adhesive labels used in the daily chemical industry can be divided into paper and film. Paper materials are mainly used for household washing and cleaning products and popular personal care products, while film materials are mainly used for medium and high-end daily chemical products. How to measure woolen fabrics in more detail? PE is very suitable for sticking on HDPE bottles that are very soft and need to be extruded frequently because of its unique softness; On many transparent PET bottles, choosing BOPP self-adhesive materials with good transparency will achieve the full transparency effect of "no label"; Another example is the polyolefin film patented by Eli company, which is soft and extrusion resistant in one direction, and has good stiffness in the other direction. It is suitable for smooth labeling in a large area, and is very suitable for making contact lens care products and labels of various hoses

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