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Analysis on the development trend of daily-use glass machinery

today's world is full of challenges and mechanisms. Its plumb error is less than 8ram. The daily-use glass machinery industry is also facing tests and choices. How should the daily-use glass machinery industry be prepared to meet the challenges? This is a problem worth pondering

at present, in the daily-use glass industry, the production line of the determinant bottle making machine is developing in the direction of multiple groups and multiple drips. Internationally, ten or more groups of double drips bottle making machines account for a large proportion, and most of them are electronic timing control. In the domestic glass machinery industry, row type bottle making machines are still dominated by six groups of single drop row type machines, and most of them are equipped with mechanical drums, which are mechanically driven and have low efficiency

from the perspective of the international market, bottle glass products, as supporting packaging bottles for food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, culture and education, scientific research and other industries and departments, have a large range and a wide range of consumption, and are indispensable packaging containers. However, there is a big gap between China and the international per capita consumption of packaging bottles. Even if the total output reaches 13.2 million tons by 2010, there is still a certain distance from the international consumption level. Therefore, bottle glass products have great development prospects, followed by the development of daily-use glass machinery industry

with the development of daily-use glass products industry, glass factories will gradually develop to a group production mode and form a large-scale production capacity. The production line of ten groups and more than ten groups of double drop bottle making machines with electronic timing control will face greater market demand. Some domestic steel needs 0.8 ⑴ dollars. Large glass factories and glass group companies with a capacity of more than 100000 tons, such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Bengbu, Qingdao and other glass factories, mostly choose ten sets of double dripper production lines, all of which are imported from abroad. It is preliminarily predicted that the domestic annual demand for 10 sets of machines and more than 10 sets of bottle making production lines will increase significantly

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