Analysis on the development trend of ink industry

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Analysis on the development trend of the ink industry in inland provinces

analysis on the development trend of the ink industry in inland provinces

March 22, 2005

but so far, it has not been announced that there are more than 400 small and medium-sized ink production enterprises in China, but none of them has achieved 10% of the total output of the country. Relevant experts from China ink industry association pointed out that the distribution of China's ink industry is uneven, and the differences between East and West are very obvious. Most of the main ink enterprises are concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. Experts believe that with the implementation of China's western development strategy, many manufacturers are optimistic about and plan to put into production in western cities, so the overall level of the ink industry in inland provinces is expected to improve in the next few years

according to the analysis and judgment of experts, the ink industry in inland provinces will show the following development trends in the next few years

Northeast China: the demand for ink has increased significantly in recent years, among which the growth rate of offset ink and flexo ink tends to be stable, and plastic ink maintains a high growth rate. Enter the calibration password: 61013 under the working condition of 7 chloride ion content less than 10 ppm (stop and shift the value with "←" key), the market competition is more intense, and the product price fluctuates. To this end, experts remind enterprises to win the market with high quality, low price and high-quality service

South China: the demand for ink has increased compared with previous years, but the contradiction between market supply and demand is very prominent, the price continues to decline, and the competition will be more intense

Southwest China: emerging small and medium-sized ink enterprises continue to emerge, with uneven quality standards, making it difficult for management departments, design units and law enforcement departments to choose and occupy the market with low prices. Experts believe that in this case, it is difficult for manufacturing enterprises to develop new products, which will have an adverse impact on the improvement of the overall grade of the printing industry

North China: water-based flexible relief and UV series inks are developing rapidly. Offset printing inks are mainly the leading products in this region, and solvent based inks will gradually withdraw from the market

western region: as the regional economic development is relatively backward, the requirements for the grade of ink are not very high, and the market potential is huge

based on the optimistic estimation of China's ink market in the future, multinational companies such as greater Japan ink chemistry, Flint ink, Korea Koryo chemical, and DuPont of the United States have expanded their investment in China, which has made the production capacity of China's ink industry unprecedented. Relevant experts from China ink industry association stressed that domestic ink production enterprises must find ways to achieve large-scale operation in order to seek an invincible position in the cruel competition in the future market

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