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Analysis on the development trend of paper packaging functionality

the International Health Organization and domestic environmental protection experts believe that the use of plastic food bags will be gradually banned in domestic and foreign markets, and it is stipulated that non-toxic and harmless "all paper food bags" should be used for shopping in the future. Paper products are easy to decay, which can not only recycle recycled paper or be used as plant fertilizer, but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. At present, the inner packaging of food, medicine, glassware, instruments and meters, electromechanical light industry and other products in China is mostly plastic products. In order to seek new alternative materials, the Technology Development Department of the achievements Department of the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense has developed waste paper recycling plastic imitation packaging material production technology and complete production lines. The waste paper recycled plastic like packaging material produced by this technology has good permeability, softness, toughness and strength. The product is non-toxic, non polluting, rich in raw materials and low cost. It can be widely used in the inner packaging of various products. Therefore, compared with plastic, metal and glass packaging, paper packaging is recognized as one of the most promising green packaging materials

at present, the output of paper and paperboard has increased year by year, and packaging paper and paperboard account for more than 50% of the total output of paper and paperboard in China. The per capita consumption of paper has become an important international symbol to measure a country's economic development level and social civilization

in the development of paper products, there are many new varieties that are in line with environmental protection. For example, the full paper structure paper bucket is a better new variety of green packaging containers. Compared with the traditional iron hoop paper bucket, it cancels the iron hoop, wood (or iron) bottom cover, and is a paper bucket made entirely of paper. Due to the elimination of iron and wood parts in the production of paper barrels with full paper structure, equipment such as punch, plate shears, spot welding machines or seam welding machines are omitted. In terms of the equipment itself, the energy consumption is greatly reduced and the noise is eliminated. At the same time, the iron parts of the traditional iron hoop paper bucket need to undergo pickling, electroplating, spot welding and painting processes, which will inevitably cause pollution to the environment, workers and products. Therefore, the production of full paper structure paper bucket will greatly reduce the environmental pollution in the production process. The production of paper barrels with full paper structure also has the following three advantages: 1. Simplification of raw materials, reduction of management links, elimination of iron hoops, fasteners, wood bottom (cover), simplification of adding/12/12 sequence, reduction of labor intensity, improvement of work efficiency, reduction of processing costs, and increase of profits. 2. The processing technology is simplified, and the processes of rolling hoops, punching fasteners, spot welding, grinding and sealing are eliminated, which greatly simplifies the technical difficulty and labor intensity of operators, thereby improving production efficiency. 3. From the perspective of packaging development, the full paper structure paper bucket not only achieves the purpose of green packaging and environmental protection, but also meets the packaging requirements of exporting to European and American countries. The full paper structure paper bucket is much better than the traditional iron hoop paper bucket in terms of raw material consumption, processing technology, product cost, environmental protection and packaging demand. It is an ideal green packaging container

Shandong Hualin Paper Co., Ltd. and Tianjin songdaxing Special Paper Research Institute jointly successfully trial produced and put into mass production a new type of environmental protection, high-strength green packing bag paper. At the same time of continuous papermaking, the water-soluble yarn is formed into high-strength green packing paper. There is no pulping in the production process, and no acid, alkali and waste liquid are discharged. While using renewable resources to implement green packaging projects, the problem of white pollution in environmental protection is effectively solved. The product has good burst resistance, moisture resistance and anti-counterfeiting. The water-soluble yarn in paper can be dissolved in 95 ℃ water and can be recycled. Tested by the national packaging product quality supervision and testing center, all products meet the standards of excellent products, and have obtained the technical approval of Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries. At the same time, marketing contracts have been signed

with the rapid development of science and technology and people's increasing attention to environmental protection, packaging paper is developing towards functionality

(1) corrosion prevention. Paper mixed with calcite and activated carbon can be used to make corrugated boxes for transporting flowers, which can absorb hydrogen sulfide that causes flowers to decay and deteriorate

(2) bacteria prevention. When making natural pulp, sterile gas is injected. This paper has the function of preventing bacterial invasion and can be used for the packaging of medical instruments

(3) anti oxidation. The paper made of weak alkali beating can protect calligraphy, painting and books from erosion in acid environment

(4) moisture proof. Waxed paper can improve moisture resistance. It can make rainproof bags and dew proof bags for fruit tree seedlings at the annual meeting of the Davos Forum in Switzerland

(5) deodorization. Paper made of porous inorganic substances and organic flavonol can absorb ammonia and other odors

(6) heat resistant. The paper made of specially treated pulp has a smaller shrinkage, has good heat resistance and water vapor absorption performance, and can be used as a packaging box for microwave food

(7) fire resistance. Paper made by mixing aluminum hydroxide and natural pulp, or by mixing phosphorylated pulp and glass fiber, has good flame resistance

(8) acid resistance. People may find that some discolored walls with new uses are made of paper mixed with special pulp and additives, which has excellent shading and acid resistance

(9) oil resistance. The inner layer of the paperboard can be prevented from being soaked by oil after oil resistance treatment. The surface of the paperboard can be printed with general paint treatment. This kind of paperboard is mainly used for the packaging of greasy food

(10) fire resistance. The paper made of 100% natural pulp mixed with human lotion resin has excellent water resistance, folding resistance and friction resistance

(11) water sensitivity. The paper treated with special coating makes the white paper transparent immediately after absorbing water, and the contents can be seen through the package without opening the package

(12) fresh keeping. The paper made of natural pulp and absorbent resin after chemical treatment is suitable for fresh-keeping packaging

(13) silencing. Low density paper made of non carcinogenic asbestos fiber, waste paper, rags, etc. has superior sound absorption, water absorption, heat insulation and cushioning effects

every year, a large amount of paper and paperboard are used for packaging, and a large amount of paper packaging waste will also be generated. How to use this waste, whether for the environment or for resource utilization, has attracted more and more attention

has the following significance for the recycling of paper packaging waste:

(1) the recycling of paper packaging waste can reduce the experimental accuracy of natural fiber raw materials ± 1% resource consumption, and solve the problem of packaging resource shortage. At the same time, it can save a lot of packaging raw materials and energy

(2) recycling of paper packaging waste greatly reduces production costs and achieves greater social and economic benefits

(3) recycling paper packaging waste is one of the important measures to reduce packaging pollution and protect the environment. Paper packaging production and waste paper packaging waste often pollute the environment and cause social hazards. The comprehensive utilization of paper packaging waste is not only the basic principle and important measure to prevent environmental pollution, but also the most active and effective method to solve the problem of packaging pollution. The recycling of packaging waste can turn harm into benefit, which can not only protect the environment and prevent public hazards, but also solve the problem of shortage of packaging resources. Therefore, we should actively carry out the recycling of paper packaging waste, strengthen the establishment of recycling network, formulate relevant policies on resources, environmental protection and price, and use LCA technology for quantitative evaluation to seek better ways to improve the environment

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