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High Speed Railway Electrical Technology Industrial Park Project: the prototype of 40000 square meters of modern plant

4.3 pigments and additives should comply with the provisions of relevant standards, which will not have a harmful impact on product performance

recently, we saw in the high speed railway Electrical Technology Industrial Park that the main structure of the two production plants has been completed, and the prototype of modern plant has begun to take shape (see the above figure)

in the afternoon of the same day, we saw at the project site that the construction personnel were decorating the outer wall and installing the roof of the plant, and the site was busy. According to the introduction, the high-speed railway electrical technology industrial park project is planned to be completed in two phases, including 4 production plants, 1 electrical supporting products and test center, 1 science and technology building, 1 apartment, and 1 enterprise standard and industry standard building. At present, the first phase of the project is under construction, including aluminum alloy casting plant, monorail and fastener joint plant, with a total construction area of more than 40000 square meters

the relevant person in charge of the project told that at present, the foundation part of the two production plants, the steel structure part and the main structure of the office auxiliary room have been completed, and the installation of the enclosure structure and the internal decoration of the auxiliary mine are under way. The main body of the production plant has been completed by the end of the year, and the installation and commissioning of the production line is expected to be carried out next year. "These two production workshops will use domestic advanced equipment and technology to form three product production lines. After being put into production, we can produce aluminum alloy castings. 38 therefore, the construction has become 10 points difficult. The production capacity of 00 tons, 5000 tons of high-strength anti loose fasteners, and 300 kilometers of monorail and Maglev series products will contribute to the company's increase in production capacity and expansion of production." The person in charge said

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