Analysis on the development trend of pesticide pac

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Analysis on the development trend of pesticide packaging machines in China

[China Packaging News] with the increase of global population and the large-scale increase of grain plants, the market demand for pesticides is also increasing. The sharp increase of pesticide production has caused enterprises to face great packaging and processing pressure on the production line, so pesticide packaging machines came into being. At present, pesticide packaging machines can be said to be widely used in all countries around the world. This technology will not only be applied to the packaging in our daily life, but also needs a large number of pesticide packaging machines in some other industries. Therefore, the development prospect of pesticide packaging machines in China is very broad

according to the most real market data, in recent decades, China's machinery manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented vigorous development, as has the pesticide packaging machine industry. Especially in recent years, domestic pesticide packaging machines are entering an era of rapid development, and there are many powerful large enterprises, such as metal, non-metal Mechanical and electronic experimental machines for composite materials and products, such as Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., which has a certain influence in the world. It is precisely because these enterprises vigorously open the oil return valve research and development of pesticide packaging machines, which will not only benefit the pesticide production enterprises from the necessary work of cleaning measuring instruments in the development process, but also provide considerable convenience to the lives of the people. Today's pesticide packaging machines have completely abandoned the original old model and are moving forward to the advanced level. In recent years, the global pesticide packaging machines generally have the characteristics of high production efficiency, high automation, flexibility and so on. The significant improvement of the technical level has met the needs of market customers, and also led the development of pesticide packaging machines in the direction of integration, efficiency, intelligence and so on

in the words of cuilixin, chairman of Shandong innovation group, the pesticide packaging machine has a certain time in the development history of the ball. So far, it has a development history of more than 30 years. In this development process, it can be said that the pesticide packaging machine has been constantly improving and developing, although there is still a huge gap between our domestic equipment and the United States, Japan, Germany and other advanced countries, However, from the analysis of the development trend in recent years, it is believed that in the near future, China's pesticide packaging machines will be able to narrow the gap and catch up with the world's advanced level

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