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Analysis on the development trend of construction machinery coating and coating

analysis on the development trend of construction machinery coating and coating

August 3, 2020

the development of construction machinery coating is not only related to the needs of construction machinery users, the coating function of construction machinery products, the development of construction machinery itself, but also related to coating technology and products, coating construction technology and equipment, national and local environmental protection policies, automation technology development, etc. Affected by the above factors, the coating appearance of construction machinery will develop in the direction of decoration, personalization and color diversification, the coating will develop in the direction of hydration, powdering, high solid differentiation and multi-function, the coating will develop in the direction of top coating of parts, concentration and specialization, and the integration of coating materials, and the coating equipment will develop in the direction of automation, digitization and intelligence of pretreatment coating integration

there are obvious differences and characteristics between construction machinery and other machinery in functions, working conditions, structural dimensions, etc., so there are also their own characteristics in the production process. As an important process in the production process of construction machinery, coating develops with the continuous development of construction machinery. Of course, the coating of construction machinery depends not only on the development of construction machinery itself, but also on the development of coating and coating construction technology. This paper puts forward the following views on what direction construction machinery will develop in the future, and hopes to discuss them together

1 factors affecting the development of construction machinery coating

1.1 customer demand development

with the development of the times, customers' demand ideas for the appearance of construction machinery are also changing. Before the 1980s, the function and performance of equipment were the most concerned by users, and few customers paid attention to the appearance and shape of construction machinery. After the 1980s, appearance quality requirements began to be raised and concerned. After 2000, when customers buy products, they are no longer limited to the internal quality and performance, but put forward requirements for appearance. Therefore, the function of engineering machinery coating has developed from rust prevention protection and appearance decoration to both rust prevention protection and appearance decoration, and even appearance decoration is more important in the eyes of customers

1.2 coating development

it is difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without straw. The development of coating industry and products also affects the development of coating of construction machinery. Only when coating enterprises develop coating products suitable for construction machinery, can construction machinery have a choice. With the development of coating industry, the coating and coating of construction machinery industry can develop. Of course, the demand of construction machinery for coatings will in turn promote the development of coating industry and products

1.3 development of construction process equipment

coating and coating are inseparable. With new coatings, it is difficult to popularize and use without corresponding coating technology. For example, electrophoretic coating and electric coating technology complement each other. For another example, the application of water-based coatings, which have been widely used in automobile, container, rail transit and other industries, in the construction machinery industry is relatively slow, mainly because the coating equipment failed to keep up. The spray booth of the water-based coating production line needs to have a strict temperature and humidity range, but the existing construction machinery spray line is difficult to meet. Construction technology and equipment play a decisive role in achieving efficient spraying, high utilization rate of coating and high quality of coating film. Therefore, the construction technology and equipment will also affect the development of construction machinery coating

2 development trend of construction machinery modeling and appearance

2.1 personalization

in the 1980s and 1990s, construction machinery gave the impression of being stupid, but it was different after 2000. Construction machinery enterprises pay more and more attention to brand image and the design of product appearance and modeling, which is not only combined with the enterprise's own culture, integrated into the elements of enterprise culture, but also combined with the aesthetics of customers and the times; We should not only attract customers' attention, but also show our corporate image. Han Xiaoping, the head of Hangzhou Public Works section of Shanghai Railway Bureau, once revealed that the personalization of appearance and color is the current situation and future trend of the development of construction machinery

2.2 diversification

construction machinery products in the 1980s and 1990s are basically Unified Engineering yellow in appearance, with few other colors. However, with the appearance and color personalization of construction machinery, different brands of construction machinery are no longer identical in appearance and color. For example, in product modeling, the style of straight edges and right angles was changed, and streamlined design began to be applied to construction machinery. Breaking the limitation of Engineering yellow in painting color, products of different brands began to blossom in painting color, and products of the same brand also appeared diversification in color

2.3 ergonomics and aesthetic engineering

while the appearance of mechanical products is personalized and diversified, we should pay more attention to ergonomics and aesthetics. Intellectualization and comfort is a main direction of the development of construction machinery products. Comfort is not only reflected in human touch and feeling, but also in vision. For example, streamlined design, reasonable color matching of finish paint, fullness and brightness of paint will give visual beauty. Construction machinery is not only a kind of construction machinery, just as cars are not only a means of transportation, but also a commodity. Comfortable operation and beautiful appearance are the pursuit of customers, so they will become the direction of construction machinery enterprises

3 development trend of construction machinery coatings

3.1 waterborne

waterborne coating

due to the use of water as solvent, the VOCs content of waterborne coatings is reduced by more than 70% compared with traditional solvent coatings, which not only reduces the deflagration risk during storage and construction, but also greatly reduces the occupational hazards to operators, and reduces the emission of VOCs, which is in line with the development concept of green environmental protection. At present, among all spraying liquid coatings, water-based coatings have a low VOCs content, and the VOC emission reduction effect of water-based coatings is obvious

however, water-based coatings have their own shortcomings and have high requirements for storage and construction conditions. The traditional spray line of solvent based coatings can not directly use water-based coatings, and the spray production line needs to be transformed to meet the construction conditions. In addition, the cost of water-based coatings with the same performance is higher than that of solvent based coatings

it is feasible to adopt water-based paint on a large scale in the construction machinery industry. Now more construction machinery enterprises are conducting process tests. In the construction machinery industry, the replacement of solvent based coatings with water-based coatings is not very fast at present, but it has become a trend, and the progress will be accelerated in the later stage

3.2 powdered

powdered coating is almost a coating with zero VOCs, and VOCs are basically not generated during the construction process. Therefore, the strain gauge is connected to the measuring circuit, so there is no need to treat the end waste gas. It is a very environmentally friendly coating. Powder coating does not require high skills of construction personnel, and the utilization rate of coating can reach 99%. Although the baking temperature is high, the comprehensive coating cost per unit area is far lower than that of solvent based coating, even half of that of solvent based coating

in the construction machinery industry, all major enterprises have powder coating lines in production, and the products include fuel tank, cab, hood, etc. Due to the problem of thin film at the edges, corners, holes, hole seams and other positions of powder coating, construction machinery enterprises have also developed the "dry touch dry" powder coating construction process. Powder coating is not only environmentally friendly, but also low-cost, so it is becoming more and more popular. In construction machinery, a concept has basically formed: as long as it can be coated with powder coating, it will never choose liquid coating. Because the plates of many construction machinery parts are thick, considering that baking with powder coating requires more energy, the powder coating and coating in the construction machinery industry are mainly thin plate parts at present. However, because the use cost of powder coating is still very low, which can offset the increased cost of baking energy consumption to a certain extent, the application of powder coating and coating in construction machinery industry will continue to expand

3.3 high solid differentiation

although high solid coatings are still solvent based coatings, their VOC content is much lower than that of traditional solvent based coatings, so it has a positive significance for the reduction of VOC. In recent years, it has also attracted attention, and there are also enterprises in the construction machinery industry. Because the application of powder coating and water-based coating is limited by the thickness of parts and existing coating equipment, it is impossible to directly replace the existing solvent based coating. The construction conditions of high solid coatings are completely the same as those of existing traditional solvent based plastic granulators and other plastic machinery, which have a very large demand for energy. Coatings do not need equipment and can be directly switched. Therefore, high solid coatings will have an increase in the short term

3.4 multifunctional

the function of engineering machinery coating is not only decoration, but also oil resistance. For example, the painting of loader gearbox needs to be sprayed with anti primer and finish paint on the outside, and oil resistant primer on the inner cavity. If the traditional process is adopted, at least three kinds of coatings need to be replaced by spraying and baking,. Using a multi-functional coating not only has corrosion resistance and oil resistance, but also has a certain decorative performance, so the coating can be completed at one time, which not only shortens the product production cycle, but also greatly reduces the energy support and labor costs, and reduces the production of VOC. Recently, the bottom integrated coating with corrosion resistance and decorative performance has been used in construction machinery for many years, but the multi-functional coating with anti-corrosion, oil resistance and decoration has not yet appeared

4 process development trend

4.1 parts finish painting

the traditional production process of construction machinery is that parts are assembled after spraying primer, and the whole machine is puttying and spraying finish paint after assembly. The topcoat of parts is to paint the parts with primer and surface before the assembly of the whole vehicle, and make the appearance quality of the coating meet the appearance quality requirements of the whole machine. After assembly, the whole machine will not be painted with surface

the application of the topcoat process of parts cancels the whole machine cleaning and grinding process, saving water resources, materials and human resources. At the same time, the plant area and capital investment of the enterprise are saved. Recently, almost all construction machinery have adopted the parts surface or two-part parts finish technology, which has become a development trend of construction machinery coating technology

4.2 centralization and specialization

with the deepening of environmental protection, decentralized coating is conducive to the centralized collection and treatment of waste gas, and greatly increases the investment cost and monitoring cost of waste gas standard treatment devices. In addition, scattered coating is not conducive to management. Therefore, now the coating production layout of construction machinery is centralized and specialized, so as to reduce the investment of environmental protection facilities and realize professional production and management. In the future, the coating of construction machinery will develop in the direction of centralization and specialization

4.3 coating and coating integration

coating and coating are inseparable from industrialization for a certain time. But in the past, paint production and paint application were completely separated. When there were coating quality problems, they pushed each other. In recent years, some scholars have put forward the development idea of "coating and coating integration". Some paint manufacturers not only provide paint products to construction machinery, but also provide paint construction services. The construction machinery enterprise hands over the parts to be painted to the outsourcing party, which rents or utilizes the site and equipment of the construction machinery enterprise, provides the coating according to the technical requirements of the construction machinery entrusting party, and paints the parts according to the quality standards provided by the construction machinery entrusting party. Construction machinery enterprises only supervise the coating quality, and all other aspects are entrusted to the outsourcing party. These outsourcers are often paint manufacturers, their enterprises, their paint performance professional application

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