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Analysis of development trend of industrial robots sales volume design of refrigeration system use energy conditioning technology will continue to expand

analysis of development trend of industrial robots sales will continue to expand

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original title: analysis of development trend of industrial robots sales will continue to expand

according to the application environment of robots and the current market situation of robots in China, China Electronics society divides robots into industrial robots, but modified materials such as Geon bio are their core businesses, service robots and special robots. Among them, industrial robot refers to the multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom robot facing the industrial field, which can replace human beings to perform some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time jobs through automatic control in the process of industrial production and processing

industrial robots are considered to be an important cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing, but there are similar constraints between domestic robots and chip industry, that is, high external dependence and lack of core technology, which hinder the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China. At the 5th China robot summit held recently, how industrial robots break through has become the focus of discussion

according to the data of "analysis report on production and marketing demand prediction, transformation and upgrading of China's industrial robot industry" issued by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the sales volume of robots in China in 2016 was 87000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 26.9%, faster than the global growth rate of 15.9%, accounting for 30% of the global sales volume. In 2017, the annual sales volume of industrial robots in China was 111000, with a year-on-year increase of 27.59%, and the growth rate has expanded for three consecutive years

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robots are facing core technical problems

China's robot market is growing rapidly, and the sales volume is expected to reach 200000 units by 2020. The "made in China 2025" roadmap for technological innovation in key areas (2017 version) released on January 26 last year proposes that by 2020, the market share of independent brand industrial robots will reach more than 50%, and the localization rate of key components will reach more than 50%

Quxianming, member of the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, said that the key to the problem now is to learn the lesson that chip development lags behind and is controlled by others, and strive to basically solve the bottleneck of relying on foreign countries for key parts of robots by 2020

the industrial robot industry is indeed facing the trend of blowout, but this blowout must rely on the improvement of independent parts and integrated technology to solve the current dilemma of unbalanced and insufficient supply. Although there have been breakthroughs in key parts in recent years, high-end components such as motors and spindles still rely heavily on imports

Li Zexiang, a professor at Hong Kong University of science and technology, believes that the core parts of robots have always been a bottleneck problem that puzzles the development of domestic robots. How to break through this bottleneck and make the national robot industry, especially the industrial robot industry, develop rapidly and stably is a dream and a long-term pursuit of all practitioners in the robot field

why robots are so important

robots are the key to intelligent manufacturing in the equipment industry, even the core equipment. The core of intelligent equipment is actually intelligent robot, which provides strong support for intelligent manufacturing

machine alliance is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing, but by the end of 2017, the machine alliance of enterprises was only 39%, especially the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises. Mao Guanglie, director of the intelligent manufacturing expert committee of Zhejiang Province, said that small and medium-sized enterprises are far from the requirements of fully realizing intelligent manufacturing. In fact, few enterprises truly realize data-based manufacturing and connect the whole enterprise with big data. Some large enterprises have only achieved automatic and intelligent production in some secondary branches and some workshops. Fewer small and medium-sized enterprises complete the whole line transformation of automation, intelligence and production. Therefore, it is indeed a difficult problem to be solved to promote intelligent manufacturing in large areas in small and medium-sized enterprises

industrial robot is the most important intelligent manufacturing equipment in manufacturing system. With the proportion of human resources in the manufacturing system becoming smaller and smaller, the development speed of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry obviously cannot keep up with the promotion

"to accelerate the development of our intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, the core of this industry development is industrial robots." Zhu sendi, member of the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, said that industrial robots are the most important intelligent manufacturing equipment, and robots are used in all links of manufacturing. It can be said that without robots, intelligent manufacturing system is difficult to achieve

robots should provide strong support for intelligent manufacturing, but robot technology itself faces great challenges. Ding Han, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of the school of mechanical science and engineering of Huazhong University of science and technology, believes that this challenge is manifested in three aspects: sensor technology, big data technology, and artificial intelligence technology. Without core sensor technology and core software technology, robot development is likely to stagnate

where is the path to achieve a breakthrough

it is generally believed that the key parts of industrial robots 5. Displacement resolution: 0.01mm parts mainly fall into seven categories. The realization of the autonomy of key parts mainly depends on many specialized and special enterprises focusing on subdivisions, especially private enterprises that have solved the primitive accumulation of capital and technology

quxianming said that robot manufacturers and robot industrial parks blindly pursue the integrity of the industrial chain is a misunderstanding. The key parts of robots should still be produced in large quantities by those specialized factories, so as to ensure quality and low cost. I hope you don't rush blindly to avoid vicious competition in the market. If the robot industry is to become popular in China, it must be determined to solve the problem of core parts and components

in the first 30 years of development, the robot industry has not formed a market scale. Summarizing the experience and lessons can provide reference for us to do a good job in the development of the next 30 years

Zhu sendi believes that the decade of is a period of leap forward for the national robot industry. By 2016, the market share of domestic robots has increased to 33%, which has achieved one third of the world. In this ten-year leap forward period, the country has made arrangements for the share of the robot industry in the whole market, from basic technology, common technology to key components to complete machines, as well as in the future. He believes that the next decade will enter a catch-up period. By 2035, if the industry can solve relevant problems in mastering core technologies, forming the industry of key components, and expanding the application fields of host industries, the robot industry can develop more healthily

from a practical point of view, China is in the parallel stage of "three runs" with the world in the high-tech field. In the field of robots, foreign countries still have something worth learning, but China also has its own advantages. Some experts said that China has a huge market. In the future, China and foreign countries should work together to create another miracle of international scientific and Technological Development and economic development

industrial robot industry production and marketing demand analysis report: keep the experimental machine clean every day

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