Analysis on the development trend of nuclear power

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According to statistics, at present, China has 13 nuclear power plants under construction (including expansion), with an installed capacity of 33.97 million KW. The scale under construction has adjusted the torque value to zero, ranking first in the world. In addition, a number of projects are in the early stage of preparation. Looking at the current situation of nuclear power in China, we can see the development trend of nuclear power in China:


in the middle 7. Temperature fluctuation temperature fluctuation is a relatively easy parameter. After the approval of nuclear power projects in China stagnated for more than a year, the dispute over nuclear power restart has been fermented again recently. The content of the debate involves safety, installed capacity, technical route, site selection, etc. the core question is: should China restart the approval process of inland nuclear power plants that are still under construction

by the end of 2011, China had built 15 nuclear power units and 26 under construction (the cumulative installed capacity of both reached 41.41 million KW), and 21 proposed units (the cumulative installed capacity of 22.72 million KW). As the existing nuclear power units have basically covered the coastal areas, the proposed nuclear power units are all located in densely populated inland areas such as Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Henan, etc


from Daya Bay to Ling'ao phase I and then to Ling'ao phase II, on the basis of introducing international advanced technology, first, we should pay attention to the distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage. From digestion and absorption to innovation, the domestic roadmap of China's own brand million kilowatt nuclear power technology can be clearly seen

from the introduction of Daya Bay nuclear power station from a high starting point, to the adoption of the construction strategy of duplication + improvement in phase I of Ling'ao nuclear power, to the construction of phase II of Ling'ao nuclear power, China's first self owned brand million KW nuclear power plant technical scheme CPR1000 has been formed. China Daya Bay nuclear power base has realized the whole process of China's nuclear power technology starting from a high starting point, introducing, digesting, absorbing and re innovating, and has embarked on a path of leapfrog independent development of China's nuclear power

now, CGN's own brand CPR1000 units have been widely used in the construction of nuclear power projects such as Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station in Liaoning Province, Ningde nuclear power station in Fujian Province, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station in Guangdong Province, realizing the batch and large-scale development of nuclear power


small nuclear power plants usually refer to modular nuclear power plants with a unit capacity of less than 300000 kW. At present, the nuclear power unit with the largest single unit capacity in the world has reached 1.75 million KW, and this technology has been adopted in one of the nuclear power projects under construction by CGNPC

the small nuclear power plant technology developed by CNNC group is named acp100. A 100000 kW nuclear power unit built underground has a high profit margin. CNNC said that the technology, which draws on the design concept of three generations of nuclear power technology, has the functions of cogeneration, gas electricity cogeneration and seawater desalination

Wang Yingsu, general manager of Huaneng Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., once said that small-scale high-temperature gas cooled reactors will be more able to meet market demand than large-scale reactors, and is optimistic about their business prospects. Moreover, due to its high security, this pile type can be built around the city, avoiding the problem of long-distance transmission

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