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Application of Huifeng frequency converter in music fountain in 2003, our company undertook the music fountain waterscape project in Canglong island tourist area, Hubei Province. The project is currently the largest music fountain project in Hubei, and its scale is rare in the country: 75 sets of 11 kw pumps form a fountain combination. At the same time, the spray of the fountain is required to be synchronized and coordinated with the music played, so that people can enjoy the music and the beautiful environment at the same time. According to the design requirements, the spray should be consistent with the music rhythm, so we decided to use the frequency converter to control the pump according to this principle to realize the control of music on the spray

1 working control principle

according to the design requirements, the spray and music should be synchronized, which puts forward the following three questions:

a how to realize the synchronization of fountain and music

b can the frequency converter respond instantaneously

c commissioning and insulation safety of the whole set of equipment

therefore, we analyzed the feasibility of synchronous control according to the requirements: We used the audio signal of music to control the frequency converter. The audio signal of music itself is an AC voltage signal with very small power. After rectification, filtering and voltage stabilization

a corresponding DC voltage signal can be output. Relatively speaking, the signal is very weak. After power amplification of the signal, The standard DC voltage signal of 0-5V can be output, that is, the audio signal can control the frequency converter, that is, the water pump spray, so as to realize the music control over the fountain spray. (see Figure 1)

Huifeng electronics f1000-g0110t3 series is a low-noise, high-performance and multi-functional frequency converter. It adopts advanced drive control technology - space voltage vector technology, which can cooperate with the load pump to realize stable acceleration and deceleration in the shortest time, and can quickly respond to the emergency speed load and timely detect the regenerative power, so as to realize the automatic acceleration and deceleration process without tripping. When the operating frequency is about 1Hz, it can output 150% of the high starting torque. Transient response should be OK

11kw water pump is planned to be used on site. Because the environment is humid, yc4 with higher corrosion resistance and insulation strength than YZ is used for the connection between frequency converter and motor in design × 4. Rubber sheathed cables, equipment and cable joints immersed in water shall be subject to waterproof treatment, and the inverter and control cabinet shall be subject to reliable recycling protection. The advantages of the plastic granulator also enable it to continue to develop and protect the grounding. In this way, the insulation design should be no problem

2 the installation and commissioning of the frequency converter is expressed by the percentage of the gauge distance

each frequency converter controls a water pump to be pressed into the surface of the tested material under a constant load, so a total of 75 11kw frequency converters work at the same time on the site. Therefore, a severe test is put forward for the on-site wiring: the power line and the signal line are separated, and the signal line adopts shielded wire, which effectively solves the mutual interference during the operation of the frequency converter. We have rectified, filtered and amplified the line voltage of DVD audio output signal for playing music to obtain a standard 0-5V voltage signal. The signal is input to the analog input port of each frequency converter through a multi-channel (75 channel) controller to realize the control of analog quantity. (see Figure 2)

3 parameter setting and debugging: (see Table 1)

based on the fact that the frequency converter is a fountain control system to improve the efficient utilization of advantageous resources, we first set the following parameters according to the function options:

manual control: we use the jog function to connect a manual control switch between OP1 and cm, the jog working frequency F124 is set to 48Hz, the acceleration time f125 is set to 3S, and the deceleration time f126 is set to 3S

automatic control: analog control signal lines are connected to V2 and v3. Set the function parameter f204 to 3, f137 to 1, and f139 to 1. For the external fault alarm function (monitoring the working condition of the frequency converter), the TA and TC closing functions of the frequency converter in case of fault are externally connected with the light alarm as the control switch

during commissioning and operation, according to the work requirements, the spray height of all pumps shall not be less than 30m. During commissioning, we gradually adjust the operating frequency of the frequency converter. Finally, when the frequency is 48Hz, the working requirements can be well met, and the maximum spray height can reach more than 40m. The dynamic response of the frequency converter is very fast. Basically, we can see the spray of the fountain as soon as we hear the music, With the change of music rhythm, the fountain can instantly make dynamic response and meet the work requirements. On September 29, 2004, Wuhan municipal leaders visited the site and were highly praised

experience: variable frequency speed regulation technology is a major development direction of modern electric drive technology. Variable frequency speed regulation has excellent speed regulation performance and remarkable power saving effect. It is widely used in various fields of industry and agriculture. Some are to improve output and some are to save energy and reduce consumption. In recent years, people have gradually adopted variable frequency speed regulation devices in fountain projects, which makes the fountain effect more dynamic, especially in music fountains, By using the frequency conversion device, the music (audio) controls the fountain, making the on-site effect exceed people's imagination, and making tourists feel the connotation of science and technology through the waves dancing with the sound while enjoying the beautiful music

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